Is Tony Romo Turning Jess Into Jabba The Hut?

If you haven’t seen the following photos from this weekend’s 99.9 KISS-FM Chili Cookoff in Florida, well, brace yourself. You’re about to see a side of Jessica Simpson you never knew — and probably didn’t want to know — existed. It turns out that, just as Jess is bringing Tony Romo’s career down, he seems to be transforming her into a beluga whale.

Jessica Simpson fat

(My, how Jessica has grown)

Seriously, look at that picture again. The once voluptuous Ms. Simpson is now, well, fat. She really is, and she looks worse the more you look at these photos from the blog JUST JARED. And she’s not helping matters by wearing an entire outfit that doubles as a Civil War era garter corset … with two belts on top. Not only is that a fashion faux pas, it accentuates her pudge.

Is it any huge surprise that the Cowboys gunslinger didn’t want to make that public appearance with her this weekend? We can’t blame him. After all, remember what he was signing up for in the past, as tons of photos after the jump show.

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Roddick Bolts from Beijing for Brooklyn (Decker)?

Andy Roddick has a thing for pulling out. He was a last minute scratch at the French Open with a shoulder injury. And he’s already announced that he won’t be representing the United States in the Olympics this summer. Why can’t the other A-Rod seem to stay in a big tennis tournament?

Brooklyn Decker

Because he’s too busy enjoying the sights of Brooklyn?

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USC Song Girls Take It Off, Get Wet For Charity

Those of you longtime L.A. *sports* observers know that traditionally the USC Song Girls are much hotter than the UCLA cheerleaders. But if the photos (from WIZARD OF ODDS) from a recent USC charity fundraiser are any indication, we’d say the lovely ladies from Westwood have caught up rather rapidly.

USC Song Girls Take It Off, Get Wet For Charity

The Song Girls stripped down to their bikinis for the annual “Swim With Mike” event, which apparently raised $1M in a single afternoon. Sounds like George Lucas might want to take a closer look next time he checks out of his locker at the USC swim stadium. Read more…