What A Surprise: Boise State Still Can’t Get A Date

Okay, we’re thinking of a football conference over by the West Coast, where one team enjoys a seemingly perpetual stranglehold on the conference, routinely running the table or slipping once to an opponent who had no shot at the title. Are we talking about the Pac-10 and USC in the Pete Carroll era (minus this year, of course)… or the WAC and Boise State in the same time span?

Boise State Statue of Liberty
(”Give me liberty or a decent schedule or whatever!”)

The difference between the two teams, however, is that USC can get pretty much anyone, anywhere, at any time. Whether it’s money or influence or just the opportunity to have USC on your schedule, whatever. They’re never hurting for opponents. Boise State, on the other hand, can’t fill their 2011 schedule with a decent opponent, and it’s been this way for years.

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What The NCAA Really Needs Is A BCS Spokesman

According to ESPN, it looks like the NCAA’s thinking about hiring a permanent “point person” for the BCS, rather than the current system where the BCS spokesman has been the commissioner of one of the conferences on a two-year, rotating basis. That doesn’t seem like much of a problem… up until that conference commissioner has to explain to people why his team just got an unpopular spot in the national title game.

BCS logo with faces
(I think this’ll work.)

So, since we’re helpers as always, we’ve decided that the NCAA is absolutely right. The problem with the BCS system isn’t one of the myriad fundamental flaws that college football fans routinely point out, like the fact that no other sport uses a one-game system for the title or that teams who go undefeated at least deserve a shot at the title. No no, we’re going to need a spokesperson for this. Fortunately, we’ve got four candidates lined up for you.

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Playoff Proponents’ PAC Pushes Political Priorities

Hey, it’s a Friday. Fridays are for alliteration.

It’s pretty obvious at this point that politicians don’t listen to people’s concerns just based on their merits. Part of the reason is that it’s impossible to balance the individual needs of their ever-numerous constituents, and part is that there’s really no money in doing things that way, so what’s the point.

No Obama sez BCS
(Unless, of course, you’ve got some money to persuade us.)

That’s normally been the end of the line for the anti-BCS movement, because while Orrin Hatch has figured out that as a Utah representative, it’s quite politically advantageous to rage against the college football machine, there’s really nothing in it for anybody else. Well, until now, anyway; the playoff bandwagon is organizing… and they’ve taught themselves the language of the greenback.

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If You Hate The BCS, Don’t Root For Boise State

Ah, the beginning of October. It’s a magical time, when a good 20 college football teams are still dreaming of hoisting the glass football. That includes Boise State, oddly enough; the perennial mid-major Cinderella is counting its ifs for reaching the title game, according to the IDAHO STATESMAN, and none of them are entirely unreasonable.

Boise State Statue of Liberty
(”Give me freedom or… wait, the Statue of Liberty doesn’t say that. Great, now I just look ridiculous.”)

But wait. It seems paradoxical, but is getting a non-BCS team to the BCS Championship Game really in the best interest of the non-BCS conferences? It really depends on your definition of the word “fair.”

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KU Football, B-Ball Players Brawl In Campus Clash

• Rock Chalk Jayh…POW! Fights break out between football and basketball players for the University of Kansas - and some claim that a couple of n-bombs were dropped.

Jayhawks Milling About Smartly

• An Iowa inmate gets let out of jail for the day so he can go see the Red Sox play the Royals in person.

• Two Costa Rican paparazzi are suing Tom Brady for being shot at during his wedding to Gisele. Brady’s reaction? “I go no reaction to that one.”

• Flummoxed by your fantasy football failings? ESPN is offering to help the old-fashioned way - with a toll-free phone number.

• When it comes to NCAA sanctions, the BCS schools often get lighter sentences than their non-BCS brethren.

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Speed Read: McNulty Makes “Offer” To Big Ben

Andrea McNulty, the woman who has sued Ben Roethlisberger for allegedly raping her last year, has had her credibility and motivations called into question many times since her lawsuit was filed in July. But now, in an attempt to make her seem both less crazy and less of a gold digger, she has offered to withdraw the lawsuit.

Ben Roethlisberger Andrea McNulty

Oh, if it were only that simple. As you’ll see, McNulty’s “offer” may seem like a noble pursuit, but it stipulates that Big Ben do the one thing he’ll never, ever do. So, without further ado, here are the three conditions for having the lawsuit dropped:

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The Homeless Man Who Will Save College Football

Over the years, college football’s BCS system has come under fire from just about all corners. Coaches hate it, the Senate wants it abolished, even cartoon characters are against it. In fact, it’s safe to say that apart from the corporate fatcats getting rich off of the biggest scam in sports, there really isn’t anyone with a brain and the capacity for rational thought that thinks the current system is fair too anyone but the top echelon of football powerhouses.

So yeah, anyone with a brain knows the system sucks. But when even the nation’s crazy homeless people are rising up against the broken BCS system, you know there’s a problem. And that’s exactly what’s happening in Washington DC, where an - ahem - slightly obsessed homeless man has made BCS reform his life’s work. Hey, at least he’s working.

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Real Power In College Sports? It’s Not With NCAA

Quick qualifier before we get started here: let’s be clear that we’re talking about Myles Brand professionally and not personally. He is, lest you forget, struggling with pancreatic cancer, which is ferociously deadly. We can disagree with his decisions while still empathizing with him and his family during an unimaginably difficult time.

George Bodenheimer
(The man in charge. Hey wait a second, that’s not Myles…)

With that out of the way, it’s safe to say that the NCAA is barely in control of itself anymore. Oh, sure, they can hand out probations and declare ineligibilities and craft arcane and confusing rules, but this is all amateur-status enforcement; the direction of big-money college athletics comes from outside, not from within.

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Keeping Abreast of Soccer WAG Swimsuit Slippage

• Soccer WAG Abbey Clancy really needs to find a swimsuit top that fits.

Abbey Clancy LARGE

• Just a few weeks before his death in an alleged murder-suicide, Steve McNair had filmed a public service announcement about suicide prevention.

• An Aussie tennis player gets slapped with a fine & suspended for six months for shouting a racial slur at a South African opponent.

• The Mountain West & WAC hate the BCS, but don’t hate the BCS’ money.

• Has it really been 30 years since Disco Demolition Night more or less demolished Comiskey Park?

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Non-BCS Conferences Give In To BCS Demands

It’s a scientific fact* - the only people who like football’s BCS system are the people who are getting rich off of it. The suits who run the BCS conferences and athletic programs, the corporations who sponsor college football games and broadcasts, the  sham “non-profit” organizations whose “revenue in excess of expenses” overfloweth - these are the people who love the BCS, and unfortunately it’s their opinions that count when it comes to any potential reorganization of college football.

Boise State Oklahoma 2007 Fiesta Bowl

(Small conference football doesn’t matter, right?)

The non-BCS conferences have been complaining about this for years. Programs like Boise State have proved that teams from smaller conferences can compete and win at the highest levels of competition. The Mountain West and Western Athletic conferences and people like Sen. Orrin Hatch have been yelling loud and clear that the system is broken. But when given an opportunity to take a stand and strike a serious blow to the BCS’ legitimacy, what did the MWC and WAC do? They signed an agreement to keep the current system in place. So much for social justice.

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