Video: Tuberville Picked Wrong Day To Be ‘Birther’

Tuesday morning Barack Obama released his long-form birth certificate, presumably to once-and-for-all silence the “Birther” movement.

Mere hours before the certificate was released, Monday night Texas Tech Coach Tommy Tuberville appeared on Sean Hannity’s “Great American Panel” on FOX News to discuss the subject. Read more…

Fox News: EA NBA Game With Obama ‘bipartisan’?

FOX News reported recently on a new EA Sports NBA video game that will also feature “unlockable” famous politicians competing on the court.

Sarah Palin, Barack Obama in NBA Jam from EA Sports

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are among the politicos included in the game, which EA Sports President Peter Moore addressed during a FOX News segment.

FOX News Host Jenna Lee: “Is this a bipartisan game, though, Peter, because I read that the president has some special skills; do any of the Republicans have any special skills?
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Kiffin: Obama Is My ‘Model’ For Dealing With Crisis

The KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL reports this week that Lane Kiffin recently revealed his inspiration for dealing with a crisis.

Kiffin: Obama his inspiration for dealing with crisis

“I could sit here and say, ‘Why did Oakland happen? Why did leaving Tennessee cause the trouble it did?’ Those things happened to prep me for this, to be a stable manager in a crisis. My model was Obama and his coolness under fire, the confidence he projects during disaster.”

Only place I would characterize Kiffin as a “stable manager” would be Santa Anita.

Video: Barack Obama Hitting Golf Balls On Range

As we’ve been hearing so much about Barack Obama’s golf game the past week, I thought it might be fun to check out if he actually has some game.

Video: Barack Obama Hitting Golf Balls On The Range

(Maybe some lessons? Uh, no)

Below is some recent video of him hacking up a track. (Actually a driving range.)
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Tom Watson Mocks Obama At Masters Function

Yesterday was yet another amazing performance by 60-year-old Tom Watson at a major championship. After nearing winning the British Open at Turnberry last year, Watson fired a career-low 67 at Augusta National yesterday and was just one shot off the lead after the first round of The Masters.

Hilary Watson Photo Wife Of Tom Watson

(Watson wife #2:  Golfer blew out anti-Limbaugh wife #1)

The night before that unexpected performance, Watson may have also surprised some folks with his comments at the annual Golf Writers Association of America awards dinner in Augusta.

Bob Carney of GOLF DIGEST reports:
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‘Southside Kid’ Obama Can’t Name a Chisox Player

After throwing out the first pitch at the Nationals-Phillies game today in D.C., Barack Obama visited with the Nats TV broadcast team, which included former White Sox pitcher Rob Dibble.

Obama Can't Name Single Player On White Sox Roster

(Obama’s  first pitch also served as pregame flyover. Handy.)

Obama to Dibble on why he wore a White Sox fan to throw out the first pitch in Washington: “I’m a Southside kid, I gotta make sure (White Sox owner) Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t get to angry with me.

Dibble: “Having played with the White Sox for a short time, I know how the Cubs fans and White Sox fans go back and forth. Who was one of your favorite White Sox players growing up?

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Clinton, Obama Called Tiger; Mom The Source?

In a recently published piece, celebrated golf writer Jaime Diaz of GOLF DIGEST has the most credible account of the life of Tiger Woods since his Thanksgiving accident. Why? It appears that some of the previously unreported information cited by Diaz came from the mother of the golfer, Kultida Woods.

Bill Clinton called Tiger Woods

Last year as part of a GOLF DIGEST profile of Kultida, Diaz traveled with her to her native Thailand as part of what turned out to be the definitive portrait of mother Woods.

Kultida Woods and Jaime Diaz

(Golf Digest’s Diaz also profiled Tiger’s Mom in May, 2009, from Thailand)

In his latest Golf Digest effort posted on the web last week, Diaz reports scads of new, intimate details about Tiger Woods’ ordeal. Most importantly, the story includes new on-the-record quotes from Kultida. That access may have happened because of the relationship forged during the Golf Digest profile by Diaz on Kultida.

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Gender Flap At White House; Over Pickup Hoops?

If you’ve just called “got next” at one of President Obama’s famed pickup basketball games, you’d better be sure of two things: One, you always set picks for he Prez. Two, you’d better be a guy. Believe it or not, there’s a growing undercurrent of discontent — including those in his own party — that Obama isn’t letting women play in his White House basketball games.

Barack Obama White House pickup game

I wasn’t really sure I believed that people were getting worked up over this, so I did some checking around, and sure enough: The President of the National Organization for Women is one of those who finds Obama’s all-male games “troubling.” THE NEW YORK TIMES just did a big story on it, and bloggers have been debating the topic all week.

Should Obama relent and let the women ball?

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Novak Mimicks McEnroe, Tennis Match Breaks Out

Novak Djokovic delights the Monday night US Open crowd with his manic impression of John McEnroe - only to have Mac come down & reclaim his honor in an impromptu tennis match.

John McEnroe Novak Djokovic

• A Kansas community is burned by the cold-hearted hazing of a high school football player slathered in Icy Hot.

• Kentucky fans are fuming at John Calipari because their coach dared send a Wildcats jersey to President Obama.

• A whole lotta football kicked off this weekend - even the lingerie variety.

• Ex-Notre Dame QB Blair Kiel is arrested after going on a drunken warpath at an Indianapolis Indians minor league game.

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Calipari Unwisely Namechecks Obama In Kentucky

For a couple days now, Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari has been teasing fans with a #44 jersey, asking them to figure out where he’s sending it. If it were a recruiting ploy, it would be fantastically popular - and, of course, riotously illegal in the NCAA’s eyes. So that wasn’t it. Who’s getting el double cuatro, then?

John Calipari Barack Obama Jersey
(Um, Mr. Calipari, you may want to “vacate” this decision.)

Oh, him. Yes, Barack Obama is our President, and how you feel about his job thus far probably directly coincides with your party allegiance. And unfortunately for Calipari, he now coaches in the middle of Kentucky, and if there’s one thing they hate, it’s some Barack Obama. Commence Internet meltdown!

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