Might Want To Consult Erin Andrews On Security

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader are hosting a big shindig in the Bahamas in a couple weeks.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Calendar Release Party

(Like their divine Ambrosia tailgate salad, fans can ‘mix’ with the cheerleaders)

The regrettably-worded “release party” (dude, keep it in the room) will pop off during the Oct. 16-18 weekend, which not coincidentally is Joe Simpson’s first weekend off from Jessica’s Indian Casino tour in 18 mos.

Porngrapher, Drug Dealer Now Dodger Spokesman

Last Friday here in Los Angeles, I was talking to a local, longtime baseball fan who has attended dozens of Dodger games over the years. I asked him if he planned to attend the Cubs-Dodgers series this weekend and he replied, “I’m never going to that ballpark again. The fan behavior has gotten out of the control, it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it and the Dodgers apparently aren’t interested in stopping it.

Snoop Dogg Porn Means He's Already Got A Friend In The Film Room

(Dodgers newest advertising spokesman already has a friend in the film room)

The increased violence at Dodger Stadium in the past few years has been well-chronicled, and loss of life has not been uncommon in the parking lots. I myself attended a game in the left-field bleachers recently and while not encountering any undue conflicts that night, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that there was a potential criminal element in the seating area immediately around us.

Bad Idea Dept.: Snoop Dogg Pimping Dodgers Tickets

(The first 10,000 kids under 12 get an “Opposite Day!” t-shirt)

So how are the Dodgers combating that very real perception of Dodger Stadium amongst those not fortunate enough to be esconed in the press box?

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John Calipari Is Officially The BEST DAD EVAR!

John Calipari Takes 12 Years Old Son To Vegas

Yep yep, can’t think of a better place for a 12-year-old.

Chicago Cubs Considering Filing For Bankruptcy

With the World Series victories of the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox earlier this decade, the Chicago Cubs now stand alone as baseball’s historic example of poor management, baseball ineptitude, and postseason futility. Sure, teams like the Pirates and Royals are more laughably inept now, but only the Cubs prove that such awfulness can last for centuries.

Cubs fans had hoped this was changing recently with the 2007 sale of the Tribune Company to angry munchkin Sam Zell. Unfortunately, anyone who has actually worked for Sam Zell could have told them not to get their hopes too high; predictably, the Cubs have underachieved under Zell’s brief ownership (of course, he’s been trying to sell them the entire time). And now, the sad-sack story of the Cubs has reached new heights/depths with the news that the team - one of the most valuable properties in all of sports - may be filing for bankruptcy.

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1st Photo Of Simona Halep After Breast Reduction

*UPDATE*: More new photos of Simona Halep after breast reduction surgery have been posted.

In late April I first posted year-old photos of Romanian teen Simona Halep competing at the 2008 French Open. Since then, the exact same photos have swept around the world - and subsequently led to the European media hounding Halep about the incredible size (and buoyancy!) of her breasts.

Simona Halep's First Photo After Breast Reduction Surgery

Halep, sadly, did not take kindly to the SbB-wrought media crush and soon proclaimed that she was going to have breast-reduction surgery.

And as it turns out, she was serious. The first post-op photo of her after the jump. Read more…

So Why Can’t We Smoke For Kiddo Charity Too?

By now you may know about the commemorative bourbon being produced by Maker’s Mark that salutes Kentucky football coach Rich Brooks - and raises money for a kids-related charity.

Rich Brooks Bourbon

(Like you thought Orson wouldn’t weight in?)

I’m certainly no prude, and I do love my bourbon. (Though I much prefer the downstream Woodford Reserve.) But isn’t strange that we’re using booze sales to raise money for a kiddie cause?

I lived in the South for many, many years. When I was in North Carolina, I recognized how important the tobacco biz was to the state. Likewise booze in Kentucky.

We all also recognize the perils of alcohol and tobacco consumption, so why drag kids into a promotion quite obviously designed to promote a brand of alcohol?

What’s the difference between that and say, Coach K. in Durham partnering with Camel for a children’s cause? Or Winston-Salem-based Jim Grobe going the extra mile for Winstons - on behalf of the kiddos at Wake Forest?

Coach K. for Camel

There is no difference. Booze is every bit as bad for you as cigs, if not worse.

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Video: Bynum Hula Hooping At Playboy Mansion

Los Angeles media was abuzz today over a photo posted by Arash Markazi at SI.com that featured an injured Andrew Bynum with Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain on his shoulders at a Playboy Mansion party last Saturday.

Andrew Bynum Hula Hoop Video At Playboy Mansion

(You didn’t know hula hooping was an integral part of knee injury rehab?)

There’s been plenty of chatter as to why Bynum was seen in that situation, considering that he recently suffered a serious knee injury (torn MCL).

Now Alana G. from Yardbarker.com has video of Bynum from last Friday at a Playboy golf function. This time he’s attempting to impress a Playmate in a hula hoop contest. The woman might be Narain, but I’m not totally sure on that.

Alana also is quick to point out that contrary to an ESPN report, Bynum did not golf at the event.

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Hitting Barry Bonds Tribute Tattoo Tipping Point?

Like you I’m still very much down with the eternal glorification of baseball’s greatesy athlete, Barry Bonds. And this gentle soul, via THE SPORTING BLOG and MOUTHPIECE SPORTS, apparently agrees:

Now if we can only find someone with ink of wrestling’s greatest athlete, The American Dream.

City Approves Beer Sales For Youth Hockey Game

Two things really bum me out when it comes to football in Los Angeles. First, that we don’t have an NFL team. And second, that USC recently decided to stop selling booze at home football games.

Brooks & Jenna at USC game

(Sad: Booze-fueled fun with the SbB Girls now extinct at Coli)

Yep, the L.A. Coliseum was one of the last beer bastions of college football, but the school struck down the sale of alcohol three years ago. And in a stunning coincidence, I’ve been to one home game the past two seasons.

So I’ve got to hand it to the fine folks of Hudson, Wis., as they’ve got their priorities in order. My Fox Twin Cities reports today that, “Beer will be sold at a Nov. 22 junior league hockey game in Hudson, Wis. Last month, the city council approved a temporary beer sales license for a Nov. 22 Hudson Hockey Association junior league game. Junior league players range from 16 to 18 years old.

Beer being sold at youth hockey game? Why, what could possibly be wrong with that?

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It’s Come to This? NBA Piping in Fake Crowd Noise

Let’s get one thing straight: The NBA is not hurting like the rest of American business. How do I know? SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL reports today that the Golden State Warriors have sold 12,000 full season ticket packages for this season. And the Lakers, who lead the NBA with an average ticket price of $95 per game, had a season seat renewal rate of 99 percent.

Detroit Pistons Cheerleaders

(Cheerleaders are collateral activity I can handle)

That doesn’t mean though that times aren’t tougher around the league. I heard from several sources here in L.A. that the Clippers-Lakers season opener, which was a home game for the Clips, wasn’t sold out. And there are plenty of other teams struggling with declining attendance and an apathetic fan base.

One team, the Detroit Pistons, is getting proactive in an attempt to keep fans coming back to The Palace. Today’s the club traded for perennial All-Star Allen Iverson, which should do a lot to energize the fan base.

The other thing the Pistons have been doing to keep the fans awake and alive? Fake crowd noise. Read more…