One Beating Just Isn’t Enough For Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco’s never-ending quest to somehow remain in the spotlight has led him to do some pretty odd things in the last few years. Of course there were the books that helped expose the steroid epidemic in Major League Baseball, and there was the appearance on “Moment of Truth”. Still, my favorite Jose Canseco moment had to be when he got his ass kicked by Vai Sikahema in a celebrity boxing match (celebrity being a relative term).

Well, it appears that one beat down just wasn’t enough for Jose. He loves the pain, he needs the pain. It’s how he knows he’s alive, and Jose wants to live again!

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Rich Gets Richer: Terrelle Pryor Picks Ohio State

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Sarah Spain Super Bowl Ebay Auction A Gigantic Bust

SUPER BOWL AUCTION A HUGE BUST: This week’s hot girl trying to auction off her companionship in order to attend the Super Bowl is brought to you by Sarah Spain of Brentwood, CA.

Sarah Spain ESPN

Ms. Spain, who lists herself as single on her (apparently very popular) Myspace page, appeared on KSPN-AM’s “D’Marco Farr Show with Kevin Kiley” in Los Angeles Thursday to talk about her proposition to prospective Super Bowl attendees (she had already put herself on eBay promising a date in exchange for a ticket to the game).

Unfortunately for Spain, who saw the bidding soar to nearly $20K, eBay took down the listing late Thursday night.

Sarah Spain

More importantly, we were pointed to her Myspace picture page, which will probably provide more entertainment to football fans than Chicago’s offensive attack against the Colts.

And at the very least, by the look of her photos, Spain shouldn’t have a shortage of celebrities willing to spend Super Sunday with her, like former UCLAer and NBAer Reggie Miller.

Reggie Miller

Stop bogarting the bean dip, Reg!