Cupid’s Javelin Hits Leryn Franco, Novak Djokovic

When we first learned of lovely Leryn Franco, we figured it would only be a matter of time before some well-known athlete would become smitten with the pretty Paraguayan javelin thrower.

Leryn Franco Modelling

And now a Serbian swinger has stepped up to the plate - tennis star Novak Djokovic has apparently fallen for Franco.

Although Djokovic has just started playing in the opening rounds of the U.S. Open, he can already claim the best trophy.

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Olympians Like Leryn Fund Careers w/Sex Appeal

REUTERS today examines the growing trend of Olympians shedding their clothes and posing for the camera. The wire service not only provides you a lengthy list of sexy sports stars for you to throw into a Google image search (thank you, Reuters!), but they also examine how sex appeal is helping boost the popularity of niche sports and the hot athletes who play them.

Leryn Franco Modelling

(Pretty Paraguayan Olympian Leryn Franco poses provocatively for profit)

The story also introduces us to two-time Olympic javelin thrower Leryn Franco (pictured) of Paraguay who is able to fund her athletic endeavors through her second career as a model. Franco, who won herself many new fans after appearing in last night’s broadcast of the opening ceremonies, tells REUTERS “Modeling is a way for me to continue with my sport, the hours are flexible, and you can earn good money through photographic modeling and the catwalk.

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Brazilian Soccer Babe Bares All For Photo Shoot

We’re glad to see the continuing trend of female athletes quite proud to show off their sexy side - from Aussie basketballer Erin Phillips to Belgian sprinter Kim Gevaert; from Norwegian runner Kristine Engleset to British cyclist Victoria Pendleton; from Bolivian b-baller Claudia Porras to British footballer Natasha Hughes. Why, even tennis pro Ashley Harkleroad is getting in on the act!

And now, a new name can be added to this pretty and prestigious list of international athletic hotties: Laisa Andrioli.

Laisa Andrioli

Andrioli is a member of Brazil’s national women’s soccer team. And the 20-year-old striker struck some provocative poses for a recent photo shoot - many without wearing any cumbersome uniform.

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Claudia Porras: Newest Bikini Pics Of B-Ball Babe

We’re happy with all the success Claudia Porras achieved with the UTEP women’s basketball team this season - a Conference USA regular season championship, an undefeated conference slate, and advancing to the second round of the NCAA tournament.

Claudia Porras basketball gown

But what makes us more proud is bouncing up some new photos of Claudia, further presenting Porras as the model player she still is. More magical pics of the Bolivian b-ball bikini beauty after the jump.

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Of Course! Hottie Baller Gets No Minutes In WNBA

Once again, we’re happy to discover another international female athlete who’s not afraid to show off their sexy side. In the tantalizing tradition of Natasha Hughes, Kristine Engeset & Victoria Pendleton, say g’day to Australian basketball babe Erin Phillips:

Erin Phillips Australian Hottie Basketball

RIGHTFIELDERS lays up news that Phillips, a member of the Aussie Women’s National Team, recently shot some provocative poses for Australian men’s magazine Alpha.

The results: We haven’t seen such a fine-looking national team member since Bolivia’s Claudia Porras. But along with the looks, Erin is also the type of athlete not afraid to mince words (with more pics after the jump).

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Olympic Cyclist Proud Of Showing Naked Ambition

In the continuing (we hope) tradition of female British athletes proud of their skills in sport & sex appeal - such as soccer sweetie Natasha Hughes - cyclist Victoria Pendleton is glad to show off her glamorous side.

Victoria Pendleton with cycling insert

THE DAILY MAIL catches up with the Beijing-bound biker, who has her eyes set on some Olympic gold. (She recently won two golds & a silver at the Track Cycling World Championships.)

But thanks to some previous photo shoots, more eyes will definitely be on her - especially when most of her clothes are off.

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Ravishing Norwegian Runner Racing Into Spotlight

MY FREE SPORT dashes up with the best thing to come out of Norway since lutefisk and Kathie Lee-free cruise lines: ravishing runner Kristine Engeset.

Kristine Engeset Norwegian runner

The 19-year-old Scandinavian is an up-and-coming track & field star, as she’s been making big strides toward the big time. At the 2007 European Junior Championships, she won the silver in the 3000-meter steeplechase. And she has her eye on Beijing, hoping to compete in this year’s Olympics.

In the meantime, everyone else will have their eyes on her.

(More photos after the jump.)

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One More Chance To See Claudia Porras In Action

Tonight, the Stanford Cardinal take on the UTEP Miners in the second round of the NCAA Women’s Tournament. Tip-off is scheduled for 10:30 p.m. ET and will be shown on ESPN2.

Claudia Porras UTEP basketball model

More importantly, it’s another chance to catch bench star and Bolivian bikini beauty Claudia Porras in action. Sadly, it might be the last time.

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Hottest Thong-Wearing Footballer Since Beckham

Female athletes are realizing that there’s no shame in being sporty & sexy simultaneously. We’ve shown that with basketball beauty Claudia Porras, and now we have further evidence - English soccer player Natasha Hughes.

Natasha Hughes Thong Modeling Doncaster Soccer Player

UK’s SPORT MAGAZINE profiles Hughes, a 20-year-old defender for the Doncaster Rover Belles club. Natasha admits that sex sells, and she’s not afraid to prove that female footballers can look fantastic. Read more…

UTEP Women’s Hoopster Quite The Model Player

Claudia Porras is a model basketball player - in more ways than one.

Claudia Porres Bolivia model UTEP basketball

The EL PASO TIMES has the story on Porras, UTEP senior and member of the Bolivian women’s national team. Although she’s been a solid bench player for the 19th-ranked Miners, it’s Claudia’s previous off-court endeavors that’s gotten attention.

(Pics after the jump.)

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