Amanda Beard Explains Posing Nude For PETA

Earlier this week, we learned that Amanda Beard would be baring it all again for a photo shoot, but instead of posing for Playboy, the Olympic swimmer would be showing skin for PETA. And lo & behold, here’s Amanda, in all her anti-fur glory:

Amanda Beard PETA ad Chicago Tribune

(Amanda’s au natural ad, as displayed on the CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s site)

In following up on the fab photo, Dan Steinberg of the temporarily named BEIJING SPORTS SMOG caught up with Amanda to learn why she did the shoot, and why other athletes haven’t been as expressive in supporting controversial causes.

And it pretty much comes down to testicular fortitude. (A more detailed image of Beard’s provocative PETA ad is after the jump.) Read more…

PETA Presents Amanda Beard Posing Nude Again

Not many people know that the original Olympics held in ancient Greece featured all-nude competitors. Unfortunately, all the nude runners & discus throwers were also all guys. Luckily, civilization has advanced enough to allow female athletes to also show off their Olympic sports prowess - and much, much more.

Not to be outdone by fellow Olympian Rebecca Romero riding naked for Powerade, Amanda Beard is once again baring it all, but for a nobler cause.

Amanda Beard Playboy photos

The stunning swimmer who previously did a nude spread for Playboy is sliding off her swimsuit once more - this time for the folks at PETA.

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British Cyclist Bares All in Powerade Ad Campaign

British Olympian Rebecca Romero won a silver medal in rowing in the 2004 Athens Games. Now, after having taken up cycling two years ago as a training tool, she’s a top female rider and is looking to become the first Britain to win medals in more than one sport.

Rebecca Romero British Olympic cyclist

But that’s probably not why most people will find her so … shall we say, “compelling”? Posing nude for a sports drink company might have something to do with it.

(Provocative photo after the jump.)

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Olympic Cyclist Proud Of Showing Naked Ambition

In the continuing (we hope) tradition of female British athletes proud of their skills in sport & sex appeal - such as soccer sweetie Natasha Hughes - cyclist Victoria Pendleton is glad to show off her glamorous side.

Victoria Pendleton with cycling insert

THE DAILY MAIL catches up with the Beijing-bound biker, who has her eyes set on some Olympic gold. (She recently won two golds & a silver at the Track Cycling World Championships.)

But thanks to some previous photo shoots, more eyes will definitely be on her - especially when most of her clothes are off.

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