Kenny Smith Takes A Crack At Kobe’s Car Jump

By now, we’ve all seen Kobe Bryant’s jacked-up jump over a speeding Aston Martin. Although it was quite a video treat - thanks, Hollywood! - it’s still a dangerous stunt to actually attempt. Even at the start of his own clip, the Lakers star had warned viewers not to try it themselves.

Kobe Car Jump Kenny Smith

Apparently, Kenny Smith wasn’t listening. The “Inside The NBA” co-host figured if Kobe could coast over a car, why couldn’t he? So, Smith brought along a TNT camera crew, slipped on his styling sneakers, and readied himself for the big leap forward.

How did he do? Check out the video after the jump.

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Kobe Explains Miraculous Aerial Over Aston Martin

The newest viral sports video floating around (and the latest great example of Nike marketing) is Kobe Bryant appearing to jump over an Aston Martin racing right at him.

Kobe car jump

Well, the Lakers star-turned-stuntman comes clean and explains how he did it. John Ireland of KCAL-TV catches up with the Kobester for the scoop:

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Kobe Will Only Jump Over Expensive Automobiles

Watching Royals outfielder Joey Gathright leap over pitchers and cars must have made quite an impression on young & impressionable Kobe Bryant, since the Lakers star felt the need to do one better.

Kobe Bryant Joey Gathright

But while Mitsubishi sedans may be good enough for Gathright, such autos are underneath Bryant. If Kobe’s going to get high (in the air, we mean), he’ll need a classier vehicle, like an Aston Martin - a moving Aston Martin.

So, was Kobe able to clear the car? Check out the video, if you dare:

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Outfielder Leaps Player, Sedans In A Single Bound

By now you’ve probably already seen this video of Royals outfielder Joey Gathwright jumping over Dodgers pitcher Hiroki Kuroda:

And you might’ve seen Gathright jump over a sedan in a parking lot. But in case you haven’t, hear you go: Read more…