Mindy Not The Only Gal To Connect w/Clemens?

The whole family has now weighed in on Mindy McCready’s long-time collaboration with Roger Clemens. After Mindy first spilled the beans, her mom confirmed the coupling. Now, dear ol’ dad is putting his two cents in.

Roger Clemens Mindy McCready

The NEW YORK POST reports that Tim McCready announced the two have known each other for over a decade, and agrees that nothing intimate happened between them.

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McCready’s Mom Confirms Connection w/Clemens

The mother of Mindy McCready admits that her daughter was involved with Roger Clemens, but that the relationship was strictly platonic.

Mindy McCready Roger Clemens

The FT. MYERS NEWS-PRESS reports that Gayle Inge confirms that Mindy & Roger have known each other since back in the day when she was an aspiring 15-year-old singer & he was a hurler for the Red Sox:

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Very Sad: Misremembering A Memorable Romance

Sad day today. The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports this morning that country singer Mindy McCready is claiming she had a ten-year sexual liason with Roger Clemens beginning when she was 15 and he was 28 (and married).

Mindy McCready Roger Clemens

(Mindy’s had a wee few personal (and legal) problems)

Apparently she plans to use her underage sex with Big Tex as a springboard to a country music comeback (sounds like a great plan to us!). Read more…

Bill Belichick Called Mistress Sharon Shenocca 1800 Times In One Year

BILL BELICHICK ISN’T AFRAID OF A LITTLE HORSEPLAY: Would you give this married woman $80K in cash, a $2.2 million dollar home and call her 1,800 times a year?

Bill Belichick Sharon Shenocca Mistress

Bill Belichick would.