Playboy Offers Student Writers Final Four Fantasy

Guys like sports. And guys like Playboy. Now Hef’s mainstream mammary mag is offering one aspiring sportswriter the best of both worlds - a trip to cover the Final Four, financed by Hugh himself.

Playboy Playmate Playoff

(First stop, NC-Double-A - Next stop, NC-Double-D’s!)

USA TODAY’S GAME ON alerts us to a great opportunity to join the ranks of such sports figures as Amanda Beard, Ashley Harkleroad & Lisa Guerrero by strutting your stuff for the Bunny. It’s a good way for budding sports reporters to build resume material, but best of all, you & your friends can now honestly claim to buy Playboy for the articles.

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Stacy Johnson-Klein Once Again Happily Employed

• It’s good to see Stacy Johnson-Klein find employment once again.

Stacy Johnson Klein point

Then again, it’s always good to see Stacy Johnson-Klein, period.

Brady Quinn is not gay, so don’t go cruising online for him.

Mike Tyson to fight in Spain? Sounds like a lot of bull to us.

• After losing a baseball bet, one Brewers fan went homeless for a week.

Hideo Nomo says no mo’ major league baseball for him.

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Harkleroad’s BF Helped Negotiate Playboy Deal

The 65th-ranked womens tennis player in the world, Ashley Harkleroad took some time out from losing matches to talk to ESPN THE MAGAZINE about tennis and her PLAYBOY spread, but mostly her PLAYBOY spread.

Ashley Harkleroad Playboy cover

After three questions about tennis, simply to say they spoke about tennis, ESPN THE MAGAZINE’s Ted Bauer gets in to the reason why anyone outside of the hardcore tennis fan even knows Harkleroad’s name. From Bauer’s questions, we learn that Harkleroad’s boyfriend helped negotiate the deal with PLAYBOY.

She says, “My boyfriend and my agents negotiated the deal for me. It’s something entirely different than playing tennis, and I enjoy being in front of a camera. It’s just a different avenue and I wanted to see where it could take me, so I accepted it.”

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Reggie Is Behind Kim K.’s Efforts To Lose Weight

Reggie Bush wants to help gal pal Kim Kardashian cut a few calories.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush

Well, bumping ‘n’ grinding is one way to do it.

Quinton Jackson went on a little Rampage through the streets of SoCal.

• We were so close to seeing J.D. Drew pitch in the All-Star Game.

Kirk Radomski delivers more bad news for Roger Clemens.

• Tigers reliever Todd Jones wouldn’t mind some love for his lip hair.

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Ashley Harkleroad’s Playboy Cover Is Uncovered

We remember last May when we proudly announced that tennis babe Ashley Harkleroad was going to do a photo shoot for Playboy. And now that Ashley’s issue is on the road to newsstands & mailboxes everywhere, the good folks at THE SCORES REPORT provide us with a peek at the cover:

Ashley Harkleroad Playboy cover

Wow! Susie Feldman naked! Selma Blair Twenty-Questioned! (Hopefully naked!) Ben Stiller interviewed! (Hopefully not naked!)

Oh, and Ashley’s looking mighty fine, too. But before anyone accuses us of making sexist remarks, keep in mind we’re just supporting Ashley’s choice.

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Athletes Showing All in Playboy a Long Tradition

We were unaware of the scholarly bent of the ORLANDO SENTINEL, specifically their SPORTSSTUFF memorabilia blog. We do not know if writer Chris Olds attended one of the top Universities in the country, but we do see that he has a passion for his work and a research jones that beats Indy by miles.

Upon hearing that young Ashley Harkleroad has chosen to accept Hugh Hefner’s 40 pieces of gold for an appearance in PLAYBOY, Chris Olds spent a late night and early Memorial Day morning compiling a list of recent athletes, near-athletes, and people near athletes that have graced the pages of that fine upstanding publication.

Playboy and athletes

He even bagged the magazines for us and put the receipt inside. Clearly, this was a labor of love. Chris Olds may be the greatest American ever. (He’s American, right? Maybe? Sure, why not?)

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Tennis Hottie Harkleroad Set For Playboy Spread

Even though Ashley Harkleroad lost to Serena Williams on Sunday, many male fans felt like winners when they heard her post-match announcement - she’s going to be appearing in Playboy.

Ashley Harkleroad

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the 23-year-old Harkleroad is taking the road to further media exposure by flaunting all she’s got without the constraints of clothing. (Figures she would follow her French Open foe.)

But before any self-righteous souls get on Ashley’s case for posing, keep in mind that her decision came after a frightening medical episode.

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Ashley Harkleroad Is Back, Hotter Than Ever

She was once thought of as the next Anna Kournikova. Then she flamed out. And now she’s back. Bless Ashley Harkleroad’s heart.

ESPN.COM recently caught up with the now more mature, 22-year-old Harkleroad. She’s been through a divorce and several career stages.

But some things haven’t changed.

Fork In the ‘Road? Tennis Hottie Ashley Harkleroad

FORK IN THE ‘ROAD? Tennis hottie Ashley Harkleroad:

No one can ever accuse SbB of being above below-the-belt humor.