Video: Arkanfan Showing TexAgs How To Expand

1) Chi-Chi’s quesadilla bar 3 times per week. [Minimum]
2) Avoid dumbell flys at all cost.
3) Watch for low-flying helicopters.

4) Rinse.
5) Repeat.

Video of Les Miles Kissing a Pig? Why, Thank You

At a charity fundraiser Wednesday in B.R., Les Miles kissed Bentley the Pig.

Video credit: NBC 33 in Baton Rouge.

Video: Mike Anderson’s Journey To Awkwarnsas

Today I put a video together today chronicling Mike Anderson’s recent decision to leave Mizzou for Arkansas.

Mike Anderson's journey to Awkwarnsas

(”That’s where the trust comes in”)

To further luxuriate in the wonderfully uncomfortable exchange between KOMU-TV reporter Dani Wexelman and Anderson on Saturday in front of 5,000 Hogs fans frothing at the snout, go here.
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Big 12 AD: Mizzou To Hire Hoops Coach @ Final 4

Since I broke the news that Mike Anderson was departing Missouri for Arkansas, I’ve canvassed Big 12 athletic directors, conference officials and coaches about the resulting Mizzou basketball coaching search.

Scott Sutton not a candidate for Missouri Job

(ORU Coach Scott Sutton Will Not Be Considered By Mizzou)

A current Big 12 athletic director told me late Thursday to expect Missouri to move quickly, with a hire likely to come during the Final Four.

A Mizzou athletic department employee informed me Thursday that the school has assembled a search committee headed by athletic director Mike Alden and Executive Associate AD Whit Babcock. The committee is expected to meet early next week to discuss possible candidates. The same Columbia-based source also informed me that Missouri has retained executive search firm Eastman & Beaudine, the same firm that assisted in the hiring of Anderson. Read more…

Official: Anderson Departs Missouri For Arkansas

An athletic department source at the University of Missouri confirmed to me this afternoon that Mike Anderson has informed Mizzou Athletic Director Mike Alden that he is departing the school for Arkansas.

Mike Anderson Mizzou Parking Spot Sign Removed

After the news, Alden had the sign above Anderson’s personal parking spot outside Mizzou Arena removed. Read more…

Audio: Anderson’s Agent On Mizzou “Resolution”

The agent for Missouri basketball coach Mike Anderson, Jimmy Sexton, commented today on WHBQ-AM in Memphis about the status of negotiations between his client and the school amidst rumors that Arkansas was interested in acquiring Anderson’s services.

Mike Anderson and Jimmy Sexton

(Audio below from WHBQ in Memphis)

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Player’s Parents ‘Outrage’ Illuminates Nutt’s Deceit

In a piece in today’s JACKSON (MS) CLARION-LEDGER by Kyle Veazey, Houston Nutt drove any credibility he had left in how he recruits and subsequently treats players off a cliff.

Houston Nutt reneged on scholarship offer to Dan Bailey

(Ask Bailey’s cash-strapped parents about Nutt’s “PEEPA HEPPEN BIDNEZ“)

Nutt, who was recently seen joking about the practice of oversigning in an ESPN expose on the subject - which University of Florida President Berne Machen recently called “despicable” and immoral - defended himself to Veazey thusly:

I’ve never ran anyone off in my career unless they broke multiple team rules or just committed a serious crime or something like that. That’s never happened.”

Thursday I noted an earlier piece by Veazey that documented seven Ole Miss players who had vanished from the team’s roster since signing day despite those players retaining eligibility.

Of those seven players Nutt claimed in Sunday’s Clarion-Ledger article that all had left the program voluntarily, with the coach going so far as to encourage Veazey to contact the departed to confirm the coach’s claim.

But Veazey reported today that he was unable to reach six of the seven players for comment. The player Veazey did reach, Lekenwic Haynes, refused to talk about his departure from Ole Miss.

And as I noted two days ago, it doesn’t appear the roster purge is over. From his piece today, Veazey wrote:

Just who will be members of the 25 new enrollees this fall remains in flux. Six mid-year transfers are already in school, leaving 19 spots for 22 players that UM signed on Feb. 2. Two players - Madison, Ala., wide receiver Collins Moore and Itawamba AHS quarterback Maikhail Miller - are grayshirt candidates. Eligibility casualties could also make the numbers work.

If you happen to know any of the incoming Ole Miss players, I suggest you point them to this DALLAS MORNING NEWS story about Nutt reneging on a scholarship offer to Dan Bailey in 2006.

Dan Bailey, who recently concluded a stellar four-year career as Oklahoma State’s kicker, was offered a full athletic scholarship in 2006 by Ohio University out of high school. But instead of taking a full ride at Ohio U., Bailey opted to walk-on to Arkansas because then-Coach Nutt promised him an initial academic scholarship that would cover tuition.

Bad move.

The DMN takes it from there: Read more…

Pic: Arkansas Razorback Billboard In Yuma Arizona

On December 2, Richard Davenport of the Arkansas recruiting site reported on the recruitment of junior college prospect Aaron Douglas by the University of Arkansas football program.

Arkansas Football Billboard in Arizona

In attempting to persuade Douglas to transfer to Arkansas, head coach Bobby Petrino oversaw the purchase of billboard space along a desolate stretch of Interstate 8 just north of the U.S.-Mexico border in Yuma, Arizona. (1,400 miles from Fayetteville.)

Arkansas Football Billboard in Arizona

Not coincidentally, Douglas was attending Arizona Western junior college in Yuma at the time. From Davenport’s post: Read more…

Video: Arkansas Razorback Suffers ‘Bowel’ Injury

Yesterday we received harrowing news of a recent injury suffered by Arkansas Razorback kick returner Dennis Johnson.

Dennis Johnson suffers Bowel Injury (video)

(Video below)

Johnson is likely out for the season and will take a medical redshirt after suffering a what is being termed publicly as a “bowel” injury while returning a kick against Lousiana-Monroe last Saturday.

The injury occurred when Johnson was tackled around the waist and then fell to the ground. During that process, the ball was pushed into his midsection, causing the injury. An Arkansas media source told me today that Johnson perforated his colon, which required emergency surgery and will end his season.

Arkansas Coach Bobby Petrino talked about the injury to the media on Monday.
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Lee Corso Always Keeps Things Light And Lively

From today’s show in Provo:

Lee Corso on GameDay They Shot Their Wad

(Surest sign Lee Corso has made a full recovery)

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