It’s Over: No More Playing Football Indoors, Kids

And so we bid a teary adieu to the Arena Football League. Sad, really. Even though I attended only one of your games, I will miss you: Your comical end zone cargo netting, your basketball-like scores, your former UC Davis quarterback Mark Griebs. You had a good run. Now it’s the UFL’s turn.


In the end, news of the AFL’s final demise came the way we always thought it would: On Facebook. Tampa Bay Storm COO Jim Borghesi announced that the league was officially folding on his Facebook page on Saturday, and PRO FOOTBALL TALK says that it has sources that confirm that. So the plan to sit out 2009 and come back in 2010 has been thrown aside, and Football In Your Parents’ Garage is no more. Read more…

Jeter’s Gigantic 31,000-Sq. Ft. Home Almost Ready

• That is one mighty-sized mansion Derek Jeter is building himself down in Tampa.

Derek Jeter house

• Both Tom Watson & Lance Armstrong fall short over the weekend.

• Cubs skipper Lou Piniella gets personal with Milton Bradley.

• Indonesia asks Manchester United to never mind the bombings.

• $12 million could sure help the Arena Football League stay in business.

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Arena Football League Suspending 2009 Season?

A lot of silly professional sports leagues have come and gone over the past 25 years, which makes it all the more impressive that the Arena Football League has been operating pretty much uninterrupted since 1987 and even rising to the point of having a national network TV deal (even if the deal wasn’t very lucrative).

Arena League cheerleaders

(This might be the last you see of the AFL Championship trophy)

Famous owners jumped on board, like Bon Jovi and John Elway, and old-school franchises in places like Albany and Des Moines were phased out to expand to bigger markets and become more of a “major” sport. But it looks like it’s all coming to an end, as the AFL is close to becoming the first pro league to fall victim to the current economic crisis, if a couple of reports are to be believed. The league, however, isn’t conceding anything.

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Former Patriot Kenyatta Jones Might Need Flomax

Keith Niebuhr of the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports this morning that former New England Patriot starter and current Arena Football League player Kenyatta Jones is in trouble, again.

Kenyatta Jones

Previously, Jones has been charged with scalding a roommate with hot water, possession of a concealed firearm and resisting arrest. But based on a Tampa police report at 3:30 this morning, it appears be may have topped (off) those past charges. Read more…