AOL Folds Fanhouse Brand Into Sporting News

AOL announced today it is folding Fanhouse into Sporting News, with the latter now to serve as AOL’s sports content portal.

Kentucky Sports Fan House

(No, not that Fanhouse)

Sporting News on AOL will launch in two months.

Sporting News President and Publisher Jeff Price: “We’ve made a lot of headway as far as adding video and developing a social media strategy. Adding scale was the last thing advertisers were asking for, and this deal allows us to deliver that.

In other words, Sporting News did the deal to gain more traffic via the AOL web portal.

Terry Lefton of SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports today that the Fanhouse brand, which relaunched under Editor-In-Chief Scott Ridge two years ago as AOL’s in-house sports content provider, will be included in the Sporting News AOL site as a destination for opinion pieces.

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said today of the status of AOL Fanhouse writers: Read more…

The Bloggers Who Are Reinventing Sports Media

Whether you know it or not, the sports blog genre has reinvented the way sports news is presented and distributed by main media. In case you’re unaware of some of the most influential folks who continue to advance that process, here they are:

Murderer's Row

(Murderer’s Row Minus Stirrup Socks)

Rick Chandler, Will Leitch (buy his new book) and Jamie Mottram: Established the genre as a paying profession.
Mike Florio: With a superhuman work ethic has gone from obscurity to the NFL’s most influential media member. And completely on his own terms.
Greg Wyshynski: Does the impossible: Makes me care about hockey.
Spencer Hall: If Pete Maravich was a sports blogger.
Matt Hinton: Funny, insightful, responsible.
Tommy Craggs: Literary bent too often missing in new media.
Jason McIntyre: Captures the pulse of the fan.
Kevin Kaduk: Serious journo who made seamless transition to proficient and entertaining baseball blogger.
Paul Lukas: Athletic Aesthetics? Yep, I’m there every day. Hidden gem.
Geoff Shackelford: Flagship indie golf blogger. Also see Steve Elling and Alan Shipnuck and Ryan Ballengee.
Henry Abbott: NBA fan? An absolute must-visit every day. The best.
Dan Steinberg: First and still best sports blog on old media (WaPo) site. Pioneer.
Richard Deitsch: Flagship online media blogger.
Jay Christensen: If you’re a college football fan and you’re not visiting him daily, wakeup!

Over the years I hired a lot of people to write for SbB. My process of hiring bloggers was a lot like those massive cattle call tryout camps MLB teams do once a year at the local high school. All that matters is radar gun and stopwatch. Read more…

Ex-Eagle Makes A Run For The Border - On Patrol

• Former Philly Eagle Jamaal Green goes from prowling along the sidelines to prowling along the Mexican border.

Jamaal Green Border Patrol

• The case of Barry Bonds’ illegal use of The Clear gets a little murky.

Tommy Morrison is taking his HIV-hampered talents to MMA on PPV.

• Having problems in your apartment? Just talk to Mo Vaughn.

Read more…

AOL Sports Gets Blown Out, Fanhouse Takes Over

Interesting move today as AOL has decided to junk “AOL Sports” in favor of calling the online portal’s entire sports area “Fanhouse“. From Eric Fisher of SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL:

AOL Fanhouse Fantasy Girls

(Fanhouse Fantasy Comes True: Goodbye AOL Sports!)

AOL Sports today will relaunch a new site design, completing a previously announced transition to in which the AOL moniker will be removed. The shift is part of a broader corporate strategy in which AOL moves away from an Internet portal to become an online publisher of content sites. AOL Senior VP Marty Moe said, “We’re retiring the AOL brand, and we’re not a sports portal. This is about providing content with our own voice. Our competition is now any publisher and less directly the Yahoos and MSNs of the world.”

When everyone went crazy over “AOL Fanhouse” hiring Jay Mariotti, I didn’t get it, because Mariotti’s initial pieces were published at “AOL Sports”, not featured in the Fanhouse area. Now, I suppose, the initial announcement and reax make a little more sense.

New AOL Fanhouse Logo

(Quiz: New Logo For Fanhouse Or 2012 Winter Olympics in Sochi?)

AOL’s move is a nod to  just how much power the sports blog format, independent or otherwise, wields. Read more…

Blogz: Heather Mitts Completes Eagles’ Great Day

• THE 700 LEVEL flies over news that Sunday was a great day for Eagles fans - not only did their team run roughshod over the Rams, but the Linc crowd was treated to a halftime appearance by Heather Mitts.

Heather Mitts Eagles halftime

• It wasn’t just UTEP fans gripped in groinal adventures Saturday night, as THE SLANCH REPORT finds footage of a Miners player on the sideline taking a pigskin to the privates, courtesy of the team’s long snapper.

Mark Gokavi of the DAYTON DAILY NEWS spells out some fun anagrams of NFL teams. Can’t wait for next Sunday night’s matchup between the Tightest Beer Slurps & the Never Bald Clowns!

• Even when she’s skipping out on the U.S. Open, SASSYBELLA learns that Maria Sharapova can still bring in the endorsement deals - this time for Cole Haan clothing.

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