Media Ignores Abuse Charges Against Fitzgerald?

These days the media want to report on everything there is to know about Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald on and off-the-field.

Angela Nazario Restraing Order On Larry Fitzgerald

(Fitzgerald accused of slamming her head onto a marble floor while holding their son)

Or do they?

For the past few weeks, we’ve been pummeled by the hit-you-over-the-head angle on Fitzgerald and his fake sportswriter father, Larry, Sr. But besides that, there’s been radio silence from all media on the biggest recent event (late last month) affecting Fitzgerald off the field: allegations of abuse directed at him by the mother of his young son, Angela Nazario. Not to mention previously fighting Nazario tooth and nail over the (now-obvious) paternity of their son.

Larry Fitzgerald Puff Piece By Jason Whitlock

(Dad taught his (alleged) baby mama-beater son all about “class”? Thanks Jason!)

While most of the football reporters at the Super Bowl I’m sure are somewhat aware of the restraining order slapped on Fitzgerald to stay away from Nazario, who is raising his son, they don’t seem to have an appetite to ask him about it now.

And we all know that there are a ton of media at the Super Bowl who don’t know about Fitzgerald’s alleged off-field transgressions. (I doubt the folks from Telemundo are prep wizards.)

So why isn’t anyone asking? I think I know the answer.

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Baby Mama Says Cards’ Fitzgerald Beat Her Up

Sign #1 your relationship might not be guaranteed eternal wedded bliss: You’re a professional athlete and she’s a cheerleader. Sign #2: She files a paternity suit, and you demand a DNA test before you’ll pay any child support. And sign #3: You’re accused of pulling out her hair, and slamming her head against a marble floor.

Angela Nazario

That’s the charge brought against Larry Fitzgerald by the mother of his child, former Raiderette Angela Nazario. Nazario claims she brought their 11-month-old son to Fitzgerald’s Phoenix home for a visit, they started arguing. Let’s see how the plaintiff describes how a multimillionaire athlete calmly and maturely handles a disagreement, after the jump.

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Confirmed: Larry Fitzgerald Has New Baby Momma

Last year we reported that Larry Fitzgerald was slapped with a paternity suit by a former Raiders cheerleader named Angela Nazario. C.J. of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE reported at the time that Fitzgerald was none-to-pleased about Nazario’s claim, and “A source close to Nazario claims that Fitzgerald told her to hide out in a small town, and even suggested she get an abortion.

Angela Nazario Larry Fitzgerald

After a court-ordered paternity test, C.J. today has the scoop on the results. Read more…