Texas Tech Not The Cinderella Story You Thought

Remember the 2004 baseball playoffs, when everyone was suddenly getting on the Boston Red Sox bandwagon because they were such a great story, composed of a bunch of scrappy, rambunctious, gritty players? And do you remember how everyone conveniently forgot the fact that the Red Sox had the 2nd highest payroll in baseball,  taking away some of the “Cinderella” imagery? Well, Andy Staples of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED wants to make sure we don’t make the same mistake with the upstart Texas Tech football team.

Mike Leach

(Coach Mike Leach needs some bling on his fingers)

Yes, Texas Tech currently holding the number two ranking in the country is a fun little story, especially because the school doesn’t necessarily get a lot of attention for their football team. But before this Saturday’s much-anticipated “David vs. Goliath” contest between the Red Raiders and fifth-ranked Oklahoma, SI.COM goes and plays the role of killjoy, bringing our attention to the fact that Texas Tech has spent a whole bunch of money on their football program.

Even more than Oklahoma!

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