Adenhart’s Murderer: “MY Life Ended That Night”

Orange County Superior Court Judge Richard F. Toohey made a statement today in the severity of his sentencing of the murderer of Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart, student Courtney Stewart and Henry Pearson.



24-year-old Andrew Thomas Gallo’s earliest possible parole date will be in 2050 following a 51 years-to-life sentence handed down to him by Judge Toohey.

Harsh? No.

Three months ago I noted testimony from Gallo’s stepbrother Raymond Rivera, who detailed the aftermath of a crash that left three innocents dead and another internally decapitated:

Rivera testified that he woke up in the passenger seat after the impact and turned to see his stepbrother unbuckling his seat belt.

Q. Did he say anything to you?

A. “…he said, “run bitch.

Then there’s the strange statement Gallo made to Judge Toohey and the families of the victims today, in what apparently was an attempt for sentencing leniency.

Andrew Gallo: Murder Victims

(Families of Gallo’s victims today)

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Drunk Driver After Adenhart Crash: “Run Bitch

Larry Welborn of the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER reports that secret Orange County (CA) Grand Jury testimony that led to Andrew Thomas Gallo being charged with three counts of second-degree murder and several other serious felonies for his role in the April 8, 2009, death of Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and two young adult passengers has been released.

Nick Adenhart's Killer Thomas Gallo

The testimony comes from Gallo’s stepbrother Raymond Rivera, who claimed to the Grand Jury that he was the one responsible for Gallo driving drunk the night Adenhart was killed by the Gallo-driven vehicle in an intersection collision. (Gallo ran a red light.) Gallo, who was driving with a suspended license after a recent DUI conviction was later found to have an alcohol level over three times the legal limit on the night in question.

Rivera told the Grand Jury that he was to be Gallo’s designated driver the night of April 8, 2009, but, “when I ordered the shot, it kind of changed the way the night would unfold.

Welborn reports that the night of drinking and driving began as Rivera and Gallo were “celebrating the arrival of a government relief check.

More details from the previously unreleased Grand Jury documents:

• Rivera testified that the duo started drinking at about 4 p.m. on April 8, 2009 at Johnny Carino’s Italian restaurant and bar in West Covina, and continued to drink for about seven hours, consuming Newcastle, Amber Bock, Sam Adams and Arrogant Bastard beers, and at least one shot of 1800 Tequila. Read more…

All-Star Game Spotted By O.C. Health Inspectors

Somehow I agreed to make the perilous journey from Venice Beach to Anaheim for this afternoon’s MLB All-Star Game. (5:40pm first pitch!)

Angels Stadium Trash

Last time our brothers and sisters south of the Orange Curtain attracted such attention was 2007, when we noted the results of a then-recent Orange County Food Safety Dept. inspection of Anaheim’s MLB ballpark:

Angels Stadium was cited for “118 vermin violations that county officials logged at stadium kiosks and restaurants over the last 2½ years.

“Of those reports, 33 represent ‘major’ violations, in which ‘rodent activity’ was observed by health inspectors in a ‘critical area’ of 18 stadium food venues.“

That was three years ago.

Two weeks ago, the same inspectors revisited Angels Stadium.

Based on what they found, I don’t think I’ll be patronizing the Bo Belinsky-branded sauerkrat bar* tonight.

From Dan Flynn of FOOD SAFETY NEWS: Read more…

Video: Kendrys Morales Injured After Grand Slam

After a game-winning grand slam today, Kendrys Morales of the Angels suffered an injury in the celebration at home plate.

Kendry Morales Video Photos Injured After Grand Slam

(Video credit: MLB on FOX)

From the FOX video, it appears that Morales landed awkwardly on his left ankle. The ankle was later placed in an aircast and Morales was carted off the field.

Kendry Morales Video Photos Injured After Grand Slam

The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER reports on Morales’ condition:

… and five minutes later he was carted off the field because of a broken left leg.

Surgery will be required to repair the fracture and will be performed by Dr. Phil Kwong, a foot and ankle specialist at the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic, on Sunday in Los Angeles.

It is too early to set a return date for Morales, but the recovery is likely to take months, not weeks and Morales could miss the remainder of the 2010 season.

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Angels, USC PBP Guy Markas Dies Of Heart Attack

I’ve confirmed through multiple media sources this morning here in Los Angeles that Angels and USC basketball announcer Rory Markas has died. The news is also being reported by KNX-AM and KTTV television in L.A.

Rory Markas dead at 56

(I knew him, a good guy. He’ll def. be missed.)

I’m told the cause of death was a heart attack. Markas was 56.

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Lasorda’s F-Bombs At Angels Game Appalled Fans

A good friend of mine, who is a devoted Dodgers fan, sat one row in front of Tommy Lasorda last night at the Angels-Yankees game at Anaheim Stadium. Early this morning he emailed me details of Lasorda’s regrettable behavior while watching the game. Knowing what I know about Lasorda, not even counting the prostitution, porn ignorance and lies, I’m not surprised in the least.

Tommy Lasorda asleep


But the actual personality of the notorious legendary Dodger manager might be news to you, so I’ll post some of my friend’s email about Lasorda last night.

First off, for veracity’s sake, my friend told me that Lasorda sat in Sec. 113, row D, seat #10. He was joined by MLB officials. Read more…

Mickey Hatcher Needs To Stop Hitting The Sauce

Okay, it wasn’t Mick. He was in the clubhouse at the time, tipping the Olive Garden guy for Scioscia.

Drunk Guy On Rocks At Angels Stadium

(Told the wife he was off to get a Frosty malt)

Jim Fergosi? Bobby Knoop? Doug Decinces?

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Jeanne Zelasko Just Got a Little Ahead Of Herself

Tweet from MLB Net’s Jeanne Zelasko immediately following the Yankees’ six-run seventh inning that gave New York a 6-4 lead over the Angels last night:

Jeanne Zelasko Yankees Champagne Tweet

(Bless her heart.)

The Angels scored three runs in the bottom of the inning and went on to win, 7-6. (I wasn’t the only one to notice.)

Fox Replay Operator Contacts SbB About Rivera

Today I was contacted by a Fox-TV replay operator who worked the Angels-Yankees game yesterday, and has examined every possible angle of the Mariano Rivera spitting episode.

Video of Mariano Rivera Spitting On A Baseball

(Notice how Rivera held the ball at the precise moment he spit? Why so?)

Because he didn’t want to speak for Fox, the gentleman asked that he not be identified. He also prefaced his comment to me by saying he was not a Yankees or Angels fan. His comment on the case after the jump. Read more…

ARod Comes From Behind, Yankees Still Defeated

Angels beat the Yankees 5-4 in 11 innings today in Game 3 of the ALCS.

ARod plays grabass with Derek Jeter


Yankees still lead the series 2-1, so ARod needn’t help Jeter keep his pants on.