Stokke Photo: Is There a Doctor In The House?

Allison Stokke photo I recently obtained:

New Allison Stokke Photo

If anyone has any more shots/footage of her from that track meet, email me.

Another big surprise coming later today…

It’s Time For Another Allison Stokke Photo Update

You know, it’s been a while since we checked in with pretty polevaulter Allison Stokke, so let’s see how the cute Cal track & field star is doing.

Allison Stokke

My, how she’s grown in college. More pics after the jump.

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Allison Stokke As You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Here’s some photos sent to us of Allison Stokke from a recent Cal track meet. Amazing calves on that girl:

Allison Stokke In Action Fullbody Photos

(Larger pic version)

There’s more photos after the jump. And no, I’m not going to provide any embarrassingly inane commentary to imply that there’s any meaning to these pics other than the admiration of the female form. Read more…

Newest Allison Stokke Photos - She’s Still Golden

Last time we checked up on Allison Stokke, the pretty pole vaulter was reaching new heights as a Cal freshman, setting new records at Berkeley.

Allison Stokke Cal

(”Snack bar? It’s right over there.”)

Now thanks to the fine folks at MYCHILLPILL.NET, we have new snapshots of the Golden Bears’ golden babe in action. More photos after the jump.

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Allison Stokke Can Smile Back At You For Only $65

BUSTED COVERAGE has been on the scene with the latest news on Allison Stokke. First, they gave us pics of the pretty pole vaulter reaching new heights with the Cal track & field team. And now they tell us the Golden Bears are selling Stokke photos.

Allison Stokke pole vaulter Cal

GOLDEN BEAR SPORTS is offering shots of Stokke in a dazzling array of sizes & prices - from $7.99 wallets to 20″ x 30″ glossies for $65.

Sounds very familiar to an earlier sales pitch presented by a southern California newspaper. Read more…

Allison Stokke Golden For Cal Bears Pole Vaulting

We haven’t heard lately about Allison Stokke, the pretty pole vaulter who became an internet sensation, only to take steps to avoid the spotlight - by doing numerous interviews for newspapers and going on ESPN Radio.

Allison Stokke action shot

But now as a public service, BUSTED COVERAGE uncovers photographic proof of Allison’s latest adventures: Read more…