USC Song Girl Suffers Sports Illustrated Curse?

We all know by now that appearing on the cover of SI is not something people welcome. Unless your name is Marisa Miller and you’re wearing nothing but body paint and a wry smile.

Todd Marinovich Sports Illustrated Cover

The SPORTS ILLUSTRATED jinx has been well-chronicled over the years, and includes this *memorable* cover of former USC QB Todd Marinovich (who went onto a great NFL career and his been an upstanding pillar in the Orange County jail community ever since).

Speaking of an insidious connection between USC and SI, last year USC Song Girl Allison Daniels was the subject of a riveting profile on Ms. Daniels was due to return to the team this football season, and even posed in the squad’s official team photo. Strangely though, she was soon photoshopped out of the pic:

Allison Daniels Cropped Out Of USC Song Girls Squad Photo 2008

So what happened? Did the SI curse strike again? Was Daniels spotted at a McDonald’s drive-thru by Marv Marinovich and then summarily dismissed? Thankfully, Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS Daily News has the sketchy details of Ms. Daniels *voluntary* departure.

Allison Daniels Cropped Out Of USC Song Girls Squad Photo 2008

And of course, we have bikini photos of her else I wouldn’t have posted this item in the first place. Read more…