Russian: ‘If We Are Ugly Nobody Will Be Interested’

The LONDON TIMES has an epic piece on Yelena Isinbayeva, the current world record holder in the pole vault and recently named World Athlete of the Year.

Alenka Bikar Yelena Isinbayeva

(Isinbayeva (l) is hot, but doesn’t stack up to Alenka Bikar)

Apparently Ms. Isinbayeva hasn’t endeared herself to her competitors over the years with her standoff attitude and candor about their looks. Excerpt:

She is the self-styled beauty of athletics, a Volgograd vixen who says that she is happy if her rivals call her a harpy or a bitch while she bestrides centre stage as the sport’s ultimate drama queen.

Yelena Isinbayeva

It’s a shame we haven’t heard (and seen) more from her until now. But with track now off the map in the American sports psyche (even in an Olympic year), we’ll have to settle for some of her delicious comments in the Times piece - and millions of tribute videos on Youtube. Read more…

Jones Blames ‘Boys Bodyguards On Pac’s Scuffle

Jerry Jones went on Dallas radio today and said he blamed himself for being the “enabler” of Pacman Jones’violent scuffle” last Tuesday at a hotel.  Apparently though, Jones’ definition of enabler is a little different than yours or mine.

Jerry Jones

(Why the stretched long face, Jer?)

From an interview on KTCK-AM: “I almost feel like I’m an enabler, because it’s the very people that I have with him that created this. Had we not had that security with him, this wouldn’t have happened. Really. Had we not had the security with him, it wouldn’t have happened.”

With that sort of thinking, you think Plax Burress is ready for a trade to Big D right about now?

Congrats to A.J. and Enrico. Now if only Brett Myers had been required to pitch six for the win today, the Dodgers might’ve had a chance. Guess he was anxious to get home to the wife. Or not.

Former NBA coach Eric Musselman has a post on his blog that I guarantee will make your day.

Tickets are available for USC’s home game against A-State tomorrow. So much for a soldout season.

OK, this might be old, but a kind soul a couple weeks back sent me these screen grabs of a Slovenian sprinter named Alenka Bikar, and they’re too good not to post (’specially since I hadn’t seen them before):

Alenka Bikar

Video of her after the jump. Read more…