KU Football’s Penalty For Getting Lew’d: 5 Years

Thanks to a standard set by miracle worker Mark Mangino, some members of the media are already suggesting it’s time for the University of Kansas to relieve Turner Gill of his duties as Jayhawks football coach.

Lew Perkins nuked KU Football with contract fallout

(Thanks to Lew Perkins, you can’t find KU Football without a geiger counter)

One such voice is Matt Tait of the LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD, who recently suggested that Gill’s hire may have been misguided. To put it lightly.

Wait, Tait wrote that in October, 2010. My bad.

Then there’s today, which features a thoughtful piece by Bill Reiter of FOXSPORTSKANSASCITY.com calling for Mangino to be rehired at the cost of the current Kansas football coach’s job.

In a story titled, “KU needs to make right move: Rehire Mangino“, Reiter features the following lede:

Let’s cut to the chase: Turner Gill, the head football coach of one of the most floundering football programs in America, isn’t the right the coach for Kansas.

You know who is? Mark Mangino.


Reiter also gleans comments from Mangino, who sadly has seemingly been reduced - by former Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins‘ ego - to whimpering for a job.

Any job:

“It’s what I’ve committed myself to doing my whole adult life and I love it greatly,” he said. “I love it. I love the competition. I love being around those young guys every day. They keep you young and keep you going. I very much am looking forward to getting back on the field.

“I’d like to be a head coach because I feel I have some unfinished business. But I’ll say if being an offensive coordinator or being a position coach is the opportunity that is the best fit for me and the best fit for them, I’ll do it. I miss it. I just miss it.”

That from a man who most recently led one of college football’s most notorious dregs to 12 wins and an Orange Bowl title. (As a native Kansas Citian, I still can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.)

Ironic then that for the very same reason as former Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins‘ contrived “investigation” into Mangino’s football program in 2009, there’s absolutely no chance the Jayhawks will be able to jettison Gill anytime soon.

Because Mangino had no contract buyout at the time that Perkins, whose ego didn’t allow for a high-profile coach whom he didn’t hire, wanted to force the coach out, the ex-KU AD and noted purveyor of unnecessary private air travel ginned up a witch hunt of Mangino. The result allowed for the coach’s ouster, but not without Kansas forking over a whopping $3 million to Mangino. (See hush money.)

Following his pushing out the best thing to happen to Kansas football since Gale Sayers, naturally Perkins furnished his hand-picked successor to Mangino, Turner Gill, a 5-year, $10 million contract that was also bereft a buyout.

With that handy contract language, authored by Perkins himself, it currently would take a $6 million payment - the remaining value of the contract - for KU to jettison Gill as football coach.

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