Update On What Linda Cohn Didn’t Say About me

UPDATE: I’ve been told that Cohn actually said “time” and the interview was incorrectly transcribed. Much ado about nothing. My apologies to Linda, who has always been a cool lady. Should’ve known.

Jimmy Shapiro of SportsRadioInterviews.com tipped me off to an interview by ESPN’s Linda Cohn on 790 The Zone in Atlanta this morning that contained a comment I’m trying to decipher.

Linda Cohn ESPN SportsCenter

Cohn was asked if Tony Kornheiser’s comment about Hannah Storm would’ve been cause for an ESPN reprimand if blogs weren’t around to report it. Cohn:

“Well in Tony’s case he said it on his own radio program, so you can’t blame the internet or blogs or anything like that for what Tony did, which was wrong. I’m glad you brought it up - about that slime - there was an incident that happened to me that was kind of brushed under the rug for something that was said by someone that I worked with. And if there was internet maybe 7 or 8 years ago, it would have maybe been a bigger deal.

So I totally get what you are saying. The other thing is the wardrobe thing which I can speak to. I wrote about it in my book Cohn Head. This was about 6 years ago or something like that. I wore something on the air, I didn’t think it was a big deal. I wore black boots on the air, they were black. I wore a skirt that wasn’t flat, but apparently it was a little too short, and I wore a turtle neck top.

And it would have been a fine outfit anywhere else, but my boss called me into his office and said it’s a little too distracting; lose the boots. And that was handled with me, whether I liked it or not, it was handled in the right way by a boss calling me into his office.

The comment is just past the halfway mark of the interview. I’m guessing she was referring to me as “slime”, as I can’t imagine she’d call Tony that - especially in the wake of what just happened with Hannah.

But in the context of the conversation, it isn’t entirely clear.

Though if she did call me slime, it would be rather ironic.

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Why Is Kornheiser Still Doing ESPN Radio Show?

In my post this morning about Michael Wilbon’s reaction to Tony Kornheiser’s PTI suspension, I noted an interesting question posed Wilbon by former ESPNer Dan Patrick on his radio show. Patrick wondered why Kornheiser was suspended from the ESPN PTI show for two weeks but still allowed to do his ESPN-branded radio show in DC. The same show that is still being streamed live by ESPN corporate and where Kornheiser made the comments about Hannah Storm that got him suspended.

ESPN.com still hosting Tony Kornheiser's radio show despite suspension

(Kornheiser still doing “ESPN 980″ show on ESPN.com)

From what I learned from sources this morning, ESPN has no contractual or legal right to remove Kornheiser from his ESPN Radio show in DC. That particular radio station is owned by NFL Redskins Owner Dan Snyder, not ESPN.

I’ve also been told that ESPN never requested to ESPN 980 that Kornheiser be removed from the show during his PTI suspension, though ESPN corporate has told Kornheiser directly that he is no longer allowed to criticize any ESPN employee for any reason on any outlet, including his DC radio show.

There’s been plenty of chatter that ESPN’s severe suspension of Kornheiser wasn’t merely about his comments regarding Storm’s wardrobe. That there were other reasons involved that ESPN didn’t make public. Read more…

Wilbon Reax To Tony K. Suspension, “Bristol Culture”

Michael Wilbon guested this morning on the Dan Patrick Radio Show and gave his first on-the-record remarks about the two week-suspension of his PTI co-host Tony Kornheiser. (Kornheiser was suspended yesterday by ESPN for two weeks for comments he made about Hannah Storm’s clothes.)

Hannah Storm Boots Photo

On the show, Wilbon was asked why Kornheiser was suspended from PTI but not the ESPN radio show in D.C. where he made the comments that got him punished. (I have an email in to ESPN asking the same question.)

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ESPN Removes Kornheiser From PTI For 2 Weeks

*UPDATE*: ESPN announced that Tony Kornheiser has been suspended from PTI for two weeks. The statement from ESPN Executive Vice President of Content John Skipper:

“Tony Kornheiser’s comments about Hannah Storm were entirely inappropriate. Hurtful and personal comments such as these are not acceptable and have significant consequences. Tony has been suspended from PTI for two weeks. Hannah is a respected colleague who has been an integral part of the success of our morning SportsCenter.”

Kornheiser’s suspension is in effect for this week and next week.


ESPN this morning announced that Tony Kornheiser has been suspended from PTI for comments he made last week about Hannah Storm.

Hannah Storm Tony Kornheiser

Jason McIntyre of TheBigLead.com reports that Kornheiser talked about the suspension on his ESPN Radio show in D.C. today (via Dan Levy):

“As a result of this, I have been sent to sidelines from PTI for a while and when I’m allowed back on PTI, I will happily go back because I love the PTI show and love all the people on the PTI show.

“I’ve said about 1,000 times, while doing radio in my life, the following sentence: if you put a live microphone in front of somebody, eventually, that person will say something wrong. This was one of the times I said something wrong. Beyond that, you can call me and ask me for comment. I’m not going to do it. It seems to me that, without any question, I broke the rules and this is the punishment that’s come.”

Last Friday Kornheiser apologized to Storm for remarks he made about the morning SportsCenter anchor’s clothes. At the time, ESPN Executive VP Norby Williamson said that he was “reviewing” the matter.

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