Best ESPN Mag The Body Nude Shot You Missed

No idea how I missed this, but ESPN THE MAGAZINE’s “The Body Issue” included an impressive nude photo of LPGA golfers Sandra Gal and Christina Kim.

Sandra Gal Nude Christina Kim Nude ESPN The Magazine The Body Issue

(Sandra Gal, Christina Kim)

Shot is after the jump. Definitely not safe for work!
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Your Next ESPN Mag The Body Nude Cover Is Here

Sarah Reinersten

Here’s Sarah Reinertsen on the cover of ESPN THE MAGAZINE’s “The Body Issue,” and I have to say, smoking hot and competes in the Ironman Triathlon? Very nice. It almost makes up for naked Carl Edwards. Almost. Read more…

Olympian Lolo Jones’ Pic From ESPN ‘Body Issue’

More and more pictures are being leaked from ESPN THE MAGAZINE’s well-hyped “The Body Issue,” most notably cover models Gina Carano, Serena Williams, and amputee triathlete Sarah Reinertsen. And though the cleavage-heavy pictures of Carano and Williams (to say nothing of the heavy beefcake of Adrian Peterson and Dwight Howard) are certainly titillating, it seems that the magazine’s focus for the issue is going beyond mere cheap sex appeal.

Cropped Lolo Jones

That’s Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, best known for being one hurdle away from gold in the Beijing Games. She’s also in the issue, and though she cuts a striking figure, we can’t put all of it above the fold for limited-buttcrack-related reasons. You can see her larger picture after the break. Her contribution to the issue, while not as high-profile as the cover athletes, has its own measure of controversy–not the least of which is the revelation about her weight. Looking at Jones’ gaunt face and lithe frame, what do you suppose it is?

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Adrian Peterson’s ESPN The Mag The Body Cover

The ESPN THE MAGAZINE “The Body Issue” Cover of a nude Adrian Peterson has been posted:

Adrian Peterson ESPN The Magazine Nude Cover


So we have a nude Serena Williams, topless Gina Carano, shirtless Dwight Howard and now Peterson.

ESPN The Mag Gina Carano Topless Cover Posted

Michael McCarthy of USA TODAY posts this extremely natural looking topless shot of Gina Carano for one of the six covers of ESPN THE MAGAZINE’s upcoming “The Body” Issue.

Gina Carano's Topless Shot For ESPN The Mag Cover

(A topless cover? Okay, that makes no sense)

Earlier today, I posted the Serena Williams fully-nude cover. That’s two of six covers. #3:

Dwight Howard Cover of ESPN The Magazine The Body Issue

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Serena Williams Gets ESPN The Body Issue Cover

An apparently fully nude Serena Williams is the cover athlete of ESPN’s ‘The Body’ Issue. This image was uploaded by ESPN public relations spokesperson Crystal Howard to Twitter this morning:

Serena Williams cover photo ESPN The Body Issue posted

Here’s the lineup of other athletes in the issue, including topless surfer Claire Bevilacqua and Joba Chamberlain!

And yes, I’ve confirmed that Danica Patrick is also in the issue. Read more…

ESPN ‘The Body’ Issue: First Topless Shot Posted

Nicely played ESPN:

ESPN The Body Issue First Topless Shot Posted

(Surfer Claire Bevilacqua - credit ESPN The Mag/USA TODAY)

I’ve actually shot the SbB Girls at that exact location many times. El Matador Beach - far north side at low tide. Malibu. House in back tips it off. You can only reach that spot at low tide through a passageway through a massive rock.

USA TODAY’s Tom Weir posts the first semi-nude shot (Surfer Claire Bevilacqua) from ESPN The Magazine’s “The Body” Issue, due out Oct. 9.

Michael McCarthy also has a list of those who will be posing, including Joba Chamberlain. Nude. Read more…

Danica Patrick To Appear In ESPN The Body Issue

Well ESPN’s “The Body” issue is right around the corner - due to hit newsstands on Oct. 9. And I’m pleased to confirm that Danica Patrick will indeed appear in the issue.

Danica Patrick Tissot LARGE

(I didn’t scuttle it, which is why she’s in the same issue talking about it)

One small detail though: she won’t be posing nude. Or semi-nude. Or at all.

A source tells me today that she does a mini-interview in the Oct. 9 issue that’ll run “in the regular motorsports section and not as a part of the Bodies theme.

I was also told in that brief Q & A, she does address the prospect of undressing for ESPN mag photographers. Read more…