Source: “UT may encourage Mack Brown to retire”

Longtime DAILY OKLAHOMAN columnist Berry Tramel sources a speculative piece on Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp soon replacing Mack Brown as the team’s head coach - but later dismisses his own source.

Mark Richt Will Muschamp Mack Brown

A Texas source said over the weekend that UT might encourage Mack Brown to retire, that the ‘Horns might be ready to commence with the Muschamp era. Not because of any dissatisfaction of Brown, but because of a belief in Muschamp. That’s the extent of Texas’ devotion to Muschamp, who is in his third year as the UT defensive coordinator and has been designated Brown’s successor.

The apparent impetus behind such talk is the shaky status of Georgia coach Mark Richt. The thinking is, if the Dogs come calling for Muschamp, Texas might try to throw in with its defensive coordinator instead of its current head coach.

Tramel makes the case that Muschamp-to-Georgia is a logical summation:

But it would make perfect sense for Muschamp to go to Georgia job, which is a great job and a great fit for Muschamp. Muschamp, 39, grew up in Rome, Ga., and was a walkon safety at Georgia before entering coaching. Muschamp was a successful defensive coordinator at LSU and Auburn, so his SEC roots run deep.

So Georgia seems the likely school to come calling for Muschamp in 2010. Georgia fell to 1-4 with a loss at Colorado, and suddenly Richt’s hold on the job seems perilous.

But after raising the possibility of Brown’s ouster via a “source“, Tramel takes a reverse personal course in his blog post. Read more…