Michelle Wie’s Blog Is Surprisingly Entertaining

There was a time earlier this decade when Michelle Wie was labeled by some as the Next Big Thing in golf. Then, as she aged, she slowly progressed from phenom to curiosity to relatively unknown, if not forgotten. It can’t be easy spending one’s teenager-hood under the judgmental microscope of American sports media, but with very few exceptions, Wie handled the pressure and expectations just about as well as one could possibly expect.

Michelle Wie Blog 6

(All growed up.)

Though the harsh spotlight has dimmed, the 19-year-old is still playing on the LPGA Tour. For all the talk of bust and wasted potential, she’s a respectable 16th on the tour money list with nearly $600,000 in winnings this season. She’s also a student at Stanford University who appears, like many college kids, to be growing up and discovering new talents and interests. Thankfully for the world, Wie is sharing those interests with the world via her new blog.

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