Stephen A. To Spill Beans On Next Gig “In Days”

Stephen A. Smith is filling in middays this week on ESPN Radio’s affiliate in Philadelpha, as he noted on Twitter today.

Stephen A. Smith

(Can Stephen A. Draw An Audience Without ESPN Distribution?)

He also pointed out that he’ll have news on his full-time career plans “in days.”

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Career crossroads time for Smith, who wasn’t able to establish an audience despite the second-to-none vehicle that is ESPN-TV and ESPN Radio.  If he’s going to remain a nationally-known personality, the success of this next gig, which I’m assuming is national in scope, will be critical to the future of his career.

If this next venture fails, I’m guessing he’ll be a local Philly on-air personality for the balance of his media career. Not there’s anything wrong with that.

ESPN Dumps Stephen A., And I’ll Miss Him. Really.

Stephen A. Smith will be gone completely from ESPN at the end of the NBA playoffs.

Stephen A. Smith at Cavs Game

(S.A.S. enjoying being inside the ropes while he can)

THE BIG LEAD has the scoop:

Within the last month, a source says that ESPN and (Stephen A.) Smith went to the negotiating table and couldn’t reach an agreement. Apparently, ESPN’s offer was considerably lower than Smith’s previous contracts - which were multi-media faceted - and Smith passed. He was then offered the decision to work through the remainder of his contract, or walk away and still get paid, and a source says Smith decided to work.

99.9% of you probably had the same initial reax as me: Good riddance!

But after thinking about it, I was a little sad.

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