Legless Sprinter Doesn’t Need Legs To Slam Doors

For years, South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius has been trying to prove that he can compete at the highest levels of sports. He fought his ban from track and field and won the right to compete at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, though he didn’t qualify for the games. He’s been accused of unfairly gaining an advantage over the competition not with steroids or blood doping, but because Pistorius has no legs.

Oscar Pistorius

It’s a heartwarming story that’s been told and retold many times over the past several years, and many people were hoping that a Paralympic athlete could indeed prove he could compete at the pinnacle of his sport. But as it turns out, competing in “regular” track and field events isn’t the only way Pistorius is trying to be a mainstream athlete. Unfortunately, he apparently picked up on the whole “hitting women” thing too.

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