ND Coach: Cheap Shot Warrants No Punishment

John Walters of AOL Fanhouse and Brian Hamilton of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE followed up with Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly today about the cheap shot delivered by Notre Dame linebacker Kerry Neal on Navy slot back John Howell during the Midshipmen’s 35-17 win over the Irish Saturday.

John Howell

(Video below)

Hamilton Tweeted from Kelly’s press conference:

NotreDame coach Brian Kelly on whether there’s anything about Kerry Neal “stomp” video to deal with: “We don’t believe so.”

Walters, who asked the question of Kelly, sent out a similar Tweet.

Surprising that Kelly said he didn’t think the actions by O’Neal demanded - at the very least - a reprimand. Read more…

This Is What Notre Dame Football Has Come To?

Appalling cheap shot by Notre Dame senior linebacker Kerry Neal of Notre Dame against Navy slot back John Howell Saturday at the Meadowlands.

John Howell

(Thanks John)

In the video below, Neal goes out of his way to stomp on Howell, stepping onto the Midshipman’s exposed abdomen with his entire body weight.

There was no penalty on the play. Read more…