Female Tennis Player Weds, Gets Huge Tattoos

The biggest celebrity gossip story the past month in India and Pakistan - besides Bollywood - is the marriage of Indian pro women’s tennis player Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricket star Shoaib Malik.

Tennis Player Sania Mirza Henna Tattoos For Marriage To Shoaib Malik

(Thank god Sandy Bullock didn’t go through with this!)

Mirza’s decision to marry a Pakistani incurred some typical, hyperbolic protesting among India’s political radicals, some of whom burned her in effigy the past couple weeks. (A regular occurrence in India, she was the effigy du jour.)

Sania Mirza Marriage To Shoaib Malik Photo

Much more fun was Malik’s apparent, albeit temporary, legal entanglement because of a previous arranged marriage gone wrong. Malik reportedly married a woman over the phone who he thought he’d seen in photographs. Read more…