Police: Jealous Kazemi Murdered Sleeping McNair

The NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN reports this afternoon that, “Police have determined that Sahel Kazemi murdered former Titans quarterback Steve McNair last weekend with four shots while he was asleep on the couch, then sat down next to him and shot herself in the temple.

Sahel Kazemi Photo Thong Bikini Steve McNairs Murderer Photo

(Sahel Kazemi with friend in Las Vegas)

Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas said that a four-day investigation revealed Kazemi, “had become very distraught, and on two occasions told friends and associates that her life was all messed up and she ‘was going to end it all.’ Several things were overwhelming her, including financial problems … Her roommate was moving out, meaning her rent payment was about to increase. She was also making payments on the Escalade she co-owned with McNair.

Residue from the murder weapon was found on Kazemi’s left hand, which appears to be the final piece of the puzzle for police to declare her McNair’s murderer.

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo

Serpas also addressed the question of why no one heard the shots coming from the condo early Sunday morning.

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Kazemi $1 Furniture Sale Day On She Bought Gun

Tennessee’s DAILY NEWS JOURNAL has more info today that indicates the mistress of Steve McNair, Sahel Kazemi, was dead set on moving in with the still-married McNair.

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo Craiglist Furniture Listing


On the day of her DUI and the day police said she bought a gun, Sahel Kazemi posted all her furniture to Craigslist under a headline: ‘NICE FURNITURE. TV, COUCH, COFFE TABLE AND MORE - $1 (hermitage).’

Sahel Kazemi Thong Bikini Photo Steve McNair Mistress

The cell number listed in the ad matches the number police got from Kazemi, 20, on July 2 when she was arrested. It was later that day that police said she bought the gun that was found beneath her body.

Family members have said she was getting rid of her furniture because she was planning to move in with McNair. She listed a flat-screen TV, couch, dining room set and coffee table for sale.

So now the question pops up, why would she buy the gun on the same day she was selling her furniture - presumably to move in with McNair? Read more…

TN Medical Examiner: ‘Likely’ Kazemi Killed McNair

More news today for you in the Sahel Kazemi/Steve McNair murder mystery.

The TENNESSEAN reports this morning that Kazemi bought a semi-automatic pistol in haste last week - immediately after being bailed out by McNair for her DUI charge in his Escalade. The same pistol was discovered under the body of Kazemi at the crime scene and was used in both shootings.

Sahel Kazemi Thong Bikini Photo Steve McNair Mistress

(Sahel Kazemi, 20-year-old mistress of Steve McNair)

The Nashville paper also notes the generic nature of the condo where killings occured. How it resembled a sterile timeshare. (I think we all know what that means.) Additionally, numerous liquor bottles were found in the dwelling, which of course could indicate alcohol was involved in the crime. Every person who claimed to know Kazemi well has said she was quiet and wouldn’t hurt a fly. You wonder if her personality though would change when fueled by alcohol and the drugs that made her “high” when she was popped for DUI.

It also makes one wonder about what else could’ve been removed from McNair’s condo by friend Wayne Neely, who didn’t report the crime scene to police for an hour after discovering the bodies.

More important though is new, candid comments from Tennessee State Medical Examiner Bruce Levy to the newspaper. Read more…

Opposite Day: No “Motive” For Kazemi To Kill?!

Been following the Steve McNair/Sahel Kazemi case all day like you, and the evidence now looks pretty damning that she did indeed murder McNair and kill her herself. The gun residue results will likely confirm that in short order.

Sahel Kazemi Thong Bikini Photo Steve McNair Mistress

(Steve McNair’s mistress - and killer? - 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi)

If the residue on the gun is from Kazemi, it’s laughable that police would continue to maintain that they may never know the motive of the crime. It’s opposite day! We all know why she might do the deed - but god knows most of you reading this wouldn’t take it that far, if placed in a similar circumstance.

Sahel Kazemi Thong Bikini Photo Steve McNair Mistress

If she didn’t do it, it would take a sophisticated criminal to have possession of her newly-bought gun, get a key to the condo and have the presence of mind to kill both parties and then mask the murders by placing detectable residue from Kazemi on the offending weapon.

Keith Norfleet Photo Sahel Kazemi's Ex-Boyfriend

(Kazemi’s Ex Keith Norfleet a criminal mastermind? Probably not)

Knowing the possible suspects that are out there (see above), I highly doubt that any of those folks could pull off such an insidious, sophisticated crime.

Though anything is possible.

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Kazemi: Police Now Thinking She Was Murdered?

Interesting to note that Nasvhille police have still not confirmed that Sahel Kazemi, the 20-year-old mistress of Steve McNair who was found dead with him on Saturday, was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Local authorities, after leaning to rule the crime as a murder-suicide, have now seemingly changed their stance on the killings. (Something that comes as zero surprise to me.)

Sahel Kazemi Inside Steve McNair's Condo Where Murders Took Place

(Photo of Sahel Kazemi inside condo where she and McNair were murdered)

How else can you explain police now telling the TENNESSEAN that an investigation will “take many days of interviews with their families and friends and witnesses who saw the 36-year-old McNair out on the town Friday night before police will rule whether the deaths were a murder-suicide or a double homicide.”

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo

And then there’s this:

It will be weeks before toxicology tests reveal whether either of them had alcohol or drugs in their systems. Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and explosives are tracing the gun’s registration to determine whether it belonged to McNair or someone else. McNair is licensed to carry a handgun in Tennessee.

BALONEY. The police will know the results of those toxicology tests in a couple days. Not to mention the gun registration. The local authorities are sandbagging the timeline to get the media off their back in the case. So we’ll forget about it - and allow them to be more effective in the investigation. And that’s fine by me.

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There are just so many details of this case that don’t add up. McNair’s friend not calling police for an hour after discovering the bodies. McNair reportedly having his life threatened at a local bar the night before the killings. McNair’s wife saying she hadn’t seen him in two days. (I’m not accusing her of anything by the way.)

Sahel Kazemi Boyfriend Keith Norfleet Myspace Message

(Myspace message of Keith Norfleet, Sahel Kazemi’s ex-boyfriend)

And then there’s Kazemi’s ex-boyfriend Keith Norfleet, who in an interview with the TENNESSEAN, knew intimate details about Kazemi’s relationship with McNair. He also stated that he made a Saturday morning visit to McNair’s condo - but never said why. What the hell?

Keith Norfleet Photo Sahel Kazemi's Ex-Boyfriend

(Keith Norfleet, Sahel Kazemi’s former longtime boyfriend)

Last night I posted the rather ominous message on Norfleet’s now-private Myspace account. Perhaps even more interesting though is the since-deleted status message of one of Norfleet’s friends on Myspace, “Jett Jackson“. Jackson’s account has since been deleted, but I saved a screen shot of it. Posted after the jump. Read more…

More New Pics Of Sahel Kazemi, McNair’s Mistress

Here’s a couple more new photos of Sahel Kazemi, the 20-year-old mistress of Steve McNair.

Sahel Kazemi Thong Bikini Photo Steve McNair Mistress

Both were found dead in McNair’s downtown Nashville condo on Saturday.

Another photo of Kazemi with McNair’s Escalade after the jump.

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Sahel Kazemi Photos: Bikini On Escalade Rooftop

I was forwarded a couple more photos this morning of Sahel Kazemi, the 20-year-old mistress of Steve McNair. Both were found dead yesterday at a Nashville condo rented by the former NFL quarterback. Here is a photo of Kazemi on top of the Escalade McNair purchased for her.

Sahel Kazemi Photos Bikini On Top Of Escalade Steve McNair Bought For Her

(Escalade McNair Bought For Mistress Kazemi) 

Three days ago Kazemi was charged with DUI for driving the same vehicle while “high” - with McNair in the passenger seat.

After the jump is a photo of Kazemi on top of the car she previously owned before McNair upgraded her. Read more…