Lil’ Romeo Clarifies: He Didn’t Quit, He Just Sucks

Jeff Eisenberg of the Yahoo Sports college hoops blog The Dagger had an amusing piece today about USC finally jettisoning fake basketball player Romeo Miller from the squad.

Romeo Miller Wants Blog Correction About His Demise From USC Basketball Team

(Actually, all the clarity we needed)

Tim Floyd gave Miller a scholarship two seasons ago only because he was childhood friends with hot prospect DeMar Derozan - who signed with the Trojans as part of a package deal. Floyd is now long gone and new coach Kevin O’Neill somehow no longer has use for an undersized, slow-footed guard who averaged eight points per game in high school.

Eisenberg described Miller’s departure from USC thusly:

In a decision sure to disappoint opposing hecklers far more than USC basketball fans, Percy Miller is packing up his trademark aviator shades and oversized jewelry and leaving the Trojans program.

Forgot shirtless Twitter photo.

It’s no great mystery what really happened here. Miller was cut.

Eisenberg, to his credit, diplomatically described Lil’ Romeo’s demise as “leaving” the program. Though Miller, via his Twitter account today, for some reason wanted Eisenberg to set the record straight on exactly why he “left” the program. Read more…