Big Ben To Girls: ‘All You Bitches, Take My Shots’

Ari Hait of Pittsburgh-based WTAE-TV files a report from Milledgeville, GA.,  that includes comments from a woman who claimed, “she was one of about 20 who partied with Ben Roethlisberger at a nightclub last week on the night that a female college student told police she was sexually assaulted by the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback.

Roethlisberger at Milledgeville Bar Photo

Excerpts of Hait’s report:

“Everyone keeps talking about how nice he was. He was not nice,” the woman said.

The woman — who asked not to be identified — told reporter Ari Hait that people who were with Roethlisberger invited her into the VIP area of the the Capital City club.

“A bunch of big guys were like, ‘Come back in here,’ and I was like, I’m just trying to have fun, whatever,” she said.

“He bought a round of shots for girls and said, ‘All you bitches, take my shots,’ and I got pissed because that’s very rude and disrespectful to call girls a bunch of bitches,” she said.

Before she left, she said she saw Roethlisberger with the woman who would eventually become his accuser.

“The fact that people are talking about how he’s such a nice guy at the bar, buying us a bunch of shots, because there’s a bunch of drunk girls happy that they’re getting free shots — he was very arrogant,” she said.

This woman isn’t the first to claim that Roethlisberger was more than a little inelegant that night.

More damning though than a random account from an alleged witness was a recent blog post about Roethlisberger’s off-field behavior by Pittsburgh media member John Steigerwald, who started covering the local Pittsburgh sports scene before Roethlisberger was born.

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