Gold Pants Has Ex-Buckeye Dancing The Dougie

Earlier today I reported that a 2008 Ohio State gold pants charm given only to Buckeye football players who beat Michigan was seen during an episode of Pawn Stars on the History Channel last night.

Last December the NCAA suspended Ohio State football players Terrelle Pryor and Solomon Thomas five games during the 2011 for, in part, selling their 2008 gold pants charms for cash and tattoos.

According to the man who sold the ‘08 pants on the show to Pawn Stars cast member Rick Harrison, the player-only keepsake was previously owned by ex-Ohio State defensive lineman Doug Worthington, who was a teammate of Pryor and Thomas on the 2008 team that beat Michigan 42-7.

Worthington appeared on WBNS-FM in Columbus today and assured show hosts Anthony Rothman and Dimitrious Stanley that all five pairs of his gold pants “are accounted for.” Though Worthington admitted later in the interview that he hadn’t seen his gold pants since 2009 and that all five pairs were apparently in the possession of family members.

Worthington also noted during the interview that there was a possibility his gold pants were stolen when his home was burglarized last year - but that he then subsequently recalled giving the priceless Ohio State items to his family.

Who knew just how much gold pants could enhance “The Dougie” dance?

That is, at least in Columbus. And Indianapolis perhaps?

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Ohio St. Item Cited By NCAA Seen On Pawn Stars

Two pairs of Ohio State gold pants, which are charms given to Buckeye football players who beat Michigan, were featured items Monday night on a new episode of History Channel’s Pawn Stars.

Doug Worthington Gold Pants on Pawn Stars

On Dec. 23, 2010, the NCAA suspended five Buckeye football players for five games during the 2011 season after Ohio State reported the players sold 2008 and 2009 player-only OSU gear and memorabilia to a local tattoo parlor owner. In addition to selling the items for cash, Ohio State reported that players also bartered Buckeye memorabilia for tattoos.

Among the Ohio State items cited by the NCAA in its report were 2008 gold pants sold by Terrelle Pryor and Solomon Thomas.

Ohio State players suspended five games for selling 2008 Gold Pants

Of the two pairs of OSU gold pants sold in the Pawn Stars episode, one was from the same 2008 season.

The items were sold by a man identified as “Bob” to Pawn Stars cast member Rick Harrison.

Here is the pertinent exchange from the television show regarding the 2008 Ohio State player-only memorabilia between Bob and Harrison: Read more…