ESPN Video: When Stock Skyline Footage Attacks

Nobody does college football telecasts like ESPN, but when you broadcast as many games as ESPN, mistakes happen. Like last night.

During the ESPN telecast of the Wisconsin-UNLV college football game in Madison, Wisconsin, ESPN showed a shot of a downtown skyline as announcer Rece Davis pitched the broadcast to break.

The shot was supposed to be of downtown Madison at night.

Supposed to be.

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ESPN’s Sins Against Cardinal Were Unforgivable

Monday Stanford completed a historic football season with a convincing victory over Virgina Tech in the Orange Bowl. The win was the culmination of the greatest program turnaround in college football history. (At least outside of Evanston and Manhattan, Kansas.)

Jim Harbaugh blows off Rece Davis

(Video below)

In five years, the Stanford team has done the unthinkable, going from 1-11 in 2006 - the year before current coach Jim Harbaugh arrived - to 12-1 this season with its only loss on the road to top-ranked Oregon.

No, this isn’t any ordinary, bowl-victorious college football team. The Cardinal’s season is undeniably cause for a certain measure of awe and reflection.

Sadly though, the primary disseminators of Stanford’s crowning achievement, Orange Bowl broadcaster ESPN, steeply discounted the historical significance of the moment by focusing on what is, in comparison, a rather transient subject. Read more…