Pics: Your SbB Rachel Uchitel “Go Away!” Present

UPDATE (10:05pm PT - From Los Angeles): When will the Tiger infidelity story cease to be interesting? This is the first sign the well may be dry and it’s perhaps time to move on to more substantial subjects. At least until I see something worth bringing to your attention.

Since Tiger Woods has (allegedly) silenced his (alleged) mistress Rachel Uchitel by (allegedly) shaking the infamous (money) tree outside his Isleworth estate, I thought I’d empty my stash of Uchitel snaps.

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress Thumb

(Rachel: Don’t go away mad. Just go away.)

Today Uchitel, who had (allegedly) been shopping her Tiger affair story to all the tabloids, decided to cancel a press conference that was (allegedly) to feature her confession of an extramarital affair with Woods.

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress Thumb

So why do you suppose she canceled the press conference?

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress Thumb

Any ideas?

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress Thumb

Here, let me help you. Read more…

Uchitel Cancels Presser; Check Finally Cleared?

Welp, Gloria Allred, attorney for Rachel Uchitel, sent this ALL POINTS BULLETIN to the media today: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, the news conference scheduled for today is canceled. There will be no further statements on this matter.”

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress

In other words, it’s officially been three working day since Uchitel’s been in L.A.

Drat! Allred doesn’t even get to lead the elephants around the ring once?

But for you, loyal SbB reader, I have more fun Uchitel surprises coming …

Report: Uchitel Admits She Lied About Tiger Affair

Following the Wednesday smoking gun voicemail of Tiger Woods produced by Woods’ mistress Jaimee Grubbs along with Woods’ nebulous admission of past “transgressions”, 34-year-old “New York party girl” Rachel Uchitel (photos) is reportedly ready to admit she lied about not having sex with Woods. From

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress

Rachel Uchitel, the first woman identified woman as romantically linked to Tiger Woods, is now admitting to an affair with the golfing great, after adamantly denying it, is reporting exclusively. Her attorney Gloria Allred has scheduled a press conference for Thursday, saying only in a press release that “at the news conference Ms. Allred will make a statement about Ms. Uchitel’s relationship with Tiger Woods.

Ms. Uchitel will be present at the news conference but will not speak.

Uh, good luck with that. Read more…

Uchitel: “F—ing Hooker” Lied About Tiger Affair

Rachel Uchitel (photos) gave a long first-person denial to the NEW YORK POST this morning. Most of her wrath was reserved for the two female sources of the story, though she did not name them. Using “f—ing hooker” and “trainwreck” to describe them, and claiming another did drugs, she said the sources overheard her booking a bachelor party that Tiger Woods would be attending on the phone.

Rachel Uchitel And Ashley Samson Seen Together - Uchitel said they never met

(’Recluse’ Uchitel with Ashley Samson, source she claimed she never met)

From that “four-hour” phone conversation, Uchitel said the sources somehow connected her to a relationship with Woods to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

I got a random phone call from somebody who needed to set up a bachelor party in Vegas. He said, ‘Tiger Woods was going to be with us, can you set us up?’ I said sure.

 … “[One of the sources] is just looking for a payday because she is a f- - -ing hooker and wants money. She just got a little smart for once and put some things together she could use for a story.

She also (superficially) addressed her checking into Woods’ hotel in Melbourne and her past alleged relationship with David Boreanaz of Fox-TV’s Bones.

Do you believe everything Rachel Uchitel said in her denial?

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Tiger Did Beat Police, But Not Out Of The Woods

Barring an overzealous Florida Highway Patrol looking to avenge embarrassment by the world’s biggest sports celebrity, it appears Tiger Woods is in the clear regarding his car accident. I actually think that most informed observers empathize with Woods now, as it’s obvious his strategy with the FHP is designed expressly to protect his wife Elin Nordegren.

Tiger Woods

But there are still more potholes (fire hydrants?) that Woods may have to negotiate, despite his alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel (photos) denying she had an affair with Woods.

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress

(Previously unseen photos of Woods’ alleged mistress, Rachel Uchitel)

The biggest potential issue for Woods is the NATIONAL ENQUIRER releasing more damaging information about his alleged affair, which it has promised to do. Read more…

Tiger’s Alleged Mistress’ Grandfather Was Golfer

PALM BEACH POST gossip Jose Lambiet has fresh intel today on Tiger Woods‘ alleged mistress, Rachel Uchitel.

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress

Uchitel is the granddaughter of powerful Cleveland banker and amateur golfer Warner Bishop, who moved to The Island with a much younger wife in the 1990s. He died in 2001 at 82. And her mom is socialite Susan Bishop.

She’s a descendant of a prominent golfer? Perfect. Read more…

Mag: Alleged Tiger Mistress ‘Dated’ Jeter, ARod

As Tiger Woods‘ alleged mistress plots her next move with Gloria Allred here in Los Angeles today, US Magazine has a revelation about other men Uchitel has allegedly dated.

Rachel Uchitel Allegedly Dated Derek Jeter And Alex Rodriguez

Her mother has told friends her daughter has dated New York Yankee players Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

More information continues to bleed out about Uchitel from past associates, along with tales of Woods’ alleged sordid lifestyle. Read more…

Uchitel Pic With ‘Friend’ Samson ‘She Never Met’

Earlier this week, Rachel Uchitel (photos) claimed she had never met Ashley Samson, the woman quoted on the record in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER story linking Uchitel to Tiger Woods. The Enquirer today published two photos of Uchitel and Samson together:

Rachel Uchitel And Ashley Samson Seen Together - Uchitel said they never met

(larger image - credit National Enquirer)

The Enquirer added:

However, we can reveal that Rachel is such a close friend of Ashley’s that she recently invited Ashley to join her and some other pals on a trip to Spain.

AND in an ENQUIRER web exclusive, we’re publishing a photo showing Rachel partying with her friend Ashley on that recent trip to Spain.

Uchitel went so far as to call Samson “Ashley Simpson in denying she had any contact with the Enquirer’s main source.

Rachel Uchitel And Ashley Samson Seen Together - Uchitel said they never met

(larger image - credit National Enquirer)

More info about the 911 call, which is to be released sometime today, is also leaking out. Read more…

New Pics: Rachel Uchitel, Tiger’s Alleged Mistress

Here are some new, previously unseen photos of Rachel Uchitel (photos), the woman who allegedly had an extramarital affair with Tiger Woods.

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress

You can see more photos of her here and here.

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress Thumb

Today we found out that Woods and wife Elin Nordegren are refusing a police request for an interview until tomorrow.

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress Thumb

Woods may be deliberately delaying talking to the police to avoid them seeing his injuries. If they are not consistent with his car crash, his wife could be charged with assaulting him. But if Woods does not speak to police before the 911 call is released tomorrow, he may not be able to spin how the call comes off to the public.

I still think Woods will show up to his golf tournament next week, to keep up appearances and satisfy the concerns of his sponsors. Hundreds of millions of dollars hang in the balance for the golfer, who makes his living on his trustworthy image.

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Report: Tiger Woods Wife Caused Facial Injuries

TMZ reports Saturday morning that in a conversation with, “a non-law enforcement type“, Tiger Woods said that his wife Elin Nordegren caused his “facial lacerations“.

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren

We’re told he said his wife had confronted him about reports that he was seeing another woman. The argument got heated and, according to our source, she scratched his face up. It was then Woods beat a hasty retreat for his SUV — but according to our source, Woods says his wife followed behind with a golf club.

As Tiger drove away, she struck the vehicle several times with the club.
We’re told Woods became “distracted,” thought the vehicle was stopped, and looked to see what had happened. At that point the SUV hit the fire hydrant and then hit a tree.

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress

(Tiger’s alleged mistress caused couple’s bustup?)

We’re also told Woods had said during the conversation Friday he had been taking prescription pain medication for an injury, which could explain why he seemed somewhat out of it at the scene.

If TMZ’s report is true, it confirms that Woods’ reported extramarital affair was the reason for his “accident” - and that Nordegren was anything but helpful in ensuring his well being.  Read more…