Sideline Stunner Samantha Steele Goes To Work

Like a chain smoker on a trans-Atlantic flight, we’ve spent the college football offseason shaking and sweating uncontrollably, unable to think about anything other than lighting up that first glorious college football broadcast of the season. Now we’re almost in the clear and are coming in for a landing to the (strained metaphor coming) Heathrow Airport that is this first football weekend of the season.

Samantha Steele

One of the few problems we’ve had with college football are the TV broadcasts. We’re not the only ones; hell, entire websites have been devoted to the insipid gaffe machines that populate the booths and sidelines of college football broadcasts. Thankfully, Samantha “The Next Erin Andrews” Steele¬†of Fox College Sports is determined not to follow in those footsteps. She’s determined to actually learn the details about the teams she’s covering, and will go to quite the lengths to get them.

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