Video: Ray Lewis Hit Decapitates Chad Ochocinco

Here’s a photo montage and video of Ray Lewis decapitating Chad Ochocinco with a vicious, despicable hit that sent Ochocinco’s helmet flying.

Ray Lewis Hit Chad Ochocinco Knocks Helmet Off

(Ochocinco got a de-cleat instead of a re-Tweet from Lewis)

With the pass to Ochocinco wildly overthrown, it was an egregious cheap shot by Lewis. Hopefully he’ll be fined as much as a game check. I was really disappointed in the postgame media coverage of the play, as I heard very little concern over what might be the cheapest shot of the season. Ochocinco was inches away from a career-ending catastrophe.

Chad Ochocinco asks Roger Goodell Not To Fine Ray Lewis For Cheap Hit That Sent His Helmet Flying

But despite his narrowly escaping serious injury at the hands of an unthinking Lewis, Ochocinco was in no mood to hold a grudge after the game, even imploring sending Roger Goodell a message, via Twitter, not to punish Lewis: “@nflcommish please don’t fine Ray Lewis Mr. Roger Goodell, it was a clean hit, it’s part of the game, save the fines for me, Esteban out.

Ray Lewis Hit Chad Ochocinco Knocks Helmet Off

(Bad Idea Dept.: Ochocinco (playfully?) taunted Lewis on Saturday)

While it didn’t appear Ochocinco took a severe blow to the head, those comments would indicate otherwise.

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