Confirmed: Former NBA Cheerleader Doing Porn

UPDATE: Since my post the NBA has taken down the photos of former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader Briana, who turned to a career in porn. Thank goodness for the Google cache!

United Business Media has the delightful story of a former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader named Briana who is now an enthusiastic porn participant code-named “Brandy Blair“:

Brandy Blair NBA Cheerleader Turned Porn Actor

(Porno site photo? Nope. Try

Briana, who can still be seen on active pages of the Atlanta Hawks’ official site, had her contract with the team “ended” four months ago. So she did what any self-respecting former NBA cheerleader would do: turn tricks on video for money.

Brandy Blair NBA Cheerleader Turned Porn Actor

(Former NBA cheerleader Briana: “A very liberating experience”)

Actual copy from her first porn appearance on a website I can’t link (or spell out) on SbB:

Brandy has just moved to California to pursue her goal of becoming an NBA Cheerleader. She showed up at my massage studio in her cheer practive outfit - white booty short and knee high socks!

Hey wait, I thought her NBA cheerleading career had just “ended”?

NBA Cheerleader Doing Porn As Brandy Blair

The pr newswire release is almost too good to be true, with wonderful passages like these:

Recently Blair’s profession has been leaked to her old fans and family. On November 18th she was identified as a star in the adult entertainment world by a local radio station in Georgia. With the news leaked she was happy to find that many of her family and friends were supportive and their response was very positive.

“Many” of her family and friends = More than one.

NBA Cheerleader Doing Porn As Brandy Blair

(Might wanna change “Most people don’t know this about me”)

Now the question is, how did “Briana” really turn into “Brandy”? Read more…

Drink In The Majesty Of The Sacto Kings Dancers

Who can forget this great moment in sports from 2008, when WITH LEATHER uncovered a cache of highly inappropriate photos of the Sacramento Kings Dance Team running amok at a party? Ah, memories.

Nothing like that this year, unfortunately (the Kings organization had a seizure when those photos got out). But the Kings Dance Team marches on anyway, having just completed 2009 auditions this weekend. Videos of the grueling selection process, and the final results, following the jump.

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Only The Finest Dancers Shall Perform For LeBron

In our sacred quest to bring you dance and cheerleader tryouts from every NBA team, today we proudly present the official Cleveland Cavaliers Dance Team auditions. These photos are from the finals, held July 20-23. It’s like an extra-special episode of “Fame,” only with somewhat creepy judges:

Cavs dancers auditions

And I guess it takes more to be a Cavaliers Dancer than any of us thought. Not only does one have to be attractive and limber, but - as seen at the top of the official Cavaliers Girls site - apparently journalism skills are also required:

Cavs girls interview horse

What’s going on in that pic? Is she preparing to interview the horse?

Anyway, back to the actual dance photos:

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The Celtics Are Looking For A Few Good Dancers

It used to be that your typical NBA cheerleading tryout was only photographed by some dubious guy with a porn stache who gained access to the gym through the ventilation duct, and then posted the photos on his MySpace page. But these days, with every potential reader aggressively in play, more “mainstream” media are catching on to the wonders of these spandex auditions — like FOX NEWS in Boston, which covered the Celtics Dancers tryouts recently and posted about a zillion photos.

Celtics Dancers tryouts

I didn’t even know the Celtics had a dance team (I was only aware of this guy). But here are the potential dancers going through their paces at the team practice facility, and I have to say, there are some fine prospects. And some dubious ones. More photos after the jump. Read more…

NBA Cheerleaders Also Feeling An Economic Pinch

• The economic squeeze is being felt on the Denver Nuggets cheerleaders, as they’re now only being brought in to work weekend games.

Denver Nuggets Dancers

(Looking for a handout?)

Fortunately, the Nuggets Dancers (above) are still fully employed - for now.

• One more reason not to care about the WBC: The U.S.A. is D.O.A.

• It’s good when an NFL player wants to mop up a mess. It’s not good when said mop is used to attack the mother of said player’s children.

• Probable #1 MLB pick already repped by Scott Boras. This should go well.

• Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez once threw out the first pitch at a Mets game. Wonder what Fidel Castro would have blogged about that?

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Hot Nets Dancer Claims Lineage To Abe Lincoln

One usually doesn’t associate President’s Day with “sexy,” unless you happen to have some sort of Zachary Taylor fetish. (And if you do, please go back to your Taylor/Millard Fillmore slash fiction, thanks.) But NBC NEW YORK has found a way to make your three-day weekend a little hotter: Meet Bonnie Lincoln, New Jersey Nets dancer and the alleged direct descendant of Abraham Lincoln.

Bonnie Lincoln Nets dancer

I’ll have to admit that I was pretty skeptical of her claims - anyone with the last name “Lincoln” could say they are related to our 16th President. Plus, have you seen pictures of the guy? As they would have said back in the day, he definitely had a face made for telegraphs.  It’s difficult to imagine that even 200 years of thinning out of his gene pool could wind up producing a hot NBA cheerleader.

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Kings Dancers Brave Cold To Finish Photo Shoot

I could end this day by giving you a rousing recap of today’s bowl-game action and UConn’s thrilling overtime hoops win over Gonzaga, but screw it. Instead, I’m bringing you some video of the Sacramento Kings Dance Team making a calendar.

Kings dance team photo shoot

The exploits of this particular dance team have been well-covered, so it’s only natural to want to check in and see what they’re up to every once in a while. And you will be impressed, as the ladies braved temperatures below 40 degrees to get their 2009 calendar completed in time. That’s dedication, folks.

Video after the jump.

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Nuggets Announcer’s Pants Suddenly Feel Funny

Great video find today by FANIQ, which has Nuggets TV announcer Chris Marlowe (yeah, the volleyball guy) in need of some CPR after watching Nugs Cheerleader Bridget’s boobies bounce all over the place:

Bouncing Nuggets Cheerleader Bridget Makes Chris Marlowe's Pants Feel Funny

(Announcer: “*GULP* … A festive atmosphere tonight!”)

Marlowe is the primary Olympic Beach Volleyball announcer for NBC, so you would think he’s seen that a few times before on-camera. But Bridget still took him to 7-Eleven on the shot (”Big Gulp”).

More pics of Bridget and video after the jump. Read more…

Knicks Hold Open Tryouts For City Dancers Squad

Since we already (un)covered the trials & tribulations of lovely L.A. ladies trying to become Laker Girls, it’s only fair that we also investigate the NBA cheerleader auditions for an Eastern Conference team.

Knicks City Dancers auditions

Courtesy of the good folks at, we take a gander at some babes from the Big Apple hoping for selection to the New York Knicks City Dancers squad. These particular pics were from last weekend’s open tryout at the Garden.

For more scintillating shots, bust a move to after the jump. Read more…