Video: Craig James In “Spiritual War” With Leach

Craig James spoke at a church in Dallas recently, and talked about the wrongful termination lawsuit Mike Leach filed against Texas Tech after the football coach was fired following text messages and emails from James demanding Leach’s ouster to Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance and members of the Texas Tech Board of Regents.

Craig James Claims Spiritual War Against Mike Leach

(Video Below: Scroll to 14:00 mark)

Excerpt of James remarks:

“My son was being treated in an unfair, unimaginable, and unthinkable manner. We filed a complaint with the university; private, hoping to quietly protect Adam to stop the insanity that was being done to him. Not once, but twice.

“The lies, the accusations, the death threats, police sitting outside our home. The bounty on our lives. The insanity that comes from someone’s actions, are crazy.

“(Craig’s son) Adam (James) and my footprints, and what we’ve done in life when we hit the wall we can look around and our character, our honesty and our integrity are in place.

“Now the other side of the equation, the party that’s accusing, I wonder what their beach looks like?

“I have felt strongly that we have been in a spirtual war for the past four months. Our faith, our christian family has sustained us. … It’s important to lead a godly life.”

Regarding those “quiet” and “private” complaints from James, news reporter Ann Wyatt Little of ABC-TV affiliate KCBD in Lubbock noted three days after the James speech:

“According to official documents, On December 23, 2009, Craig James wrote to Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance demanding that Mike Leach be terminated.”

Five months before James asked the Texas Tech administration for Leach to be fired for the alleged mishandling of his son Adam’s concussion, despite the Texas Tech team trainer and doctor claiming the contrary in sworn affidavits, the ESPN analyst left voicemails with two Red Raiders coaching staff members demanding that his son be given more playing time by Leach. Read more…

Memo: Tech President Didn’t Want To Fire Leach

Betsy Blaney of the ASSOCIATED PRESS has details on a memo that Texas Tech university President Guy Bailey sent to Tech Chancellor Kent Hance three days before Mike Leach’s firing that recommended the “James case be closed” and Leach keep his job.

Texas Tech President Guy Bailey Didn't Want To Fire Mike Leach

Testimony from Hance and the attorney also confirmed that university President Guy Bailey penned a memo Dec. 27 to Hance recommending that Leach “be issued a letter of reprimand” and that the James case be closed.

So why was Leach fired? Read more…

Videos: Mike Leach Locker Room Rants Released

Chip Brown of recently accessed two videos of former Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach. The clips, readily available to the public via the Texas Open Records Act, show the former Red Raiders coach addressing his former team after two games last season.

Mike Leach Locker Room Rants Released

In one video, shot on Nov. 28, 2009, after a victory over Kansas, Leach talks to his “god squad” players about their thought process during the game. In the other clip, taken on Halloween of the same season, Leach gives a garden variety, expletive-laden speech to his team after a surprisingly close win over Baylor.

Read more…