Photo: Kiffin Makes Pac-10 Debut Off Broadway

Delightful photo - sent in by an intrepid reader - of Pac-10 football coaches and their wives taken this week in Times Square:

Lane Kiffin in New York City

Apparently Layla couldn’t be dragged away from the Naked Cowboy.

WTF: Kiffin Pic With Wife Stokes Off-Field Rumors

UPDATE (2:58p ET): Per another incessant rumor, I recently contacted TMZ to ask if the website has reporters in Knoxville investigating Kiffin’s alleged alt-lifestyle. A TMZ spokesperson told me today, “we are not in Knoxville.”

Message boards and blogs are abuzz with rumors about unsavory off-field conduct by Lane Kiffin during his tenure in Knoxville as Tennessee coach. Much of the speculation has been fueled by this photo:

Lane Kiffin Mike Tomlin Photo

Many around the web are saying that the photo indicates Kiffin partying with UT coeds with his wife Layla nowhere in sight. Along with this “evidence,” many message board posters and bloggers are accusing Kiffin of additional sins, along with the obligatory cries of a coverup by the Knoxville Police.

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SbB@3: Let He Who Is Without Sin Throw 3 TDs

Some Web sites offer you “insider” information on which teams to put money on during the week’s big football games. But only Sports by Brooks has the ultimate insider: Jesus Christ. That’s right, each week Our Lord and Savior will descend from Heaven to offer His insight into the week’s top games. And with over 60 percent of all college and NFL players attributing their success to Him, no one is more qualified to pick winners.

jesus christ, sports handicapper

I know a lot of people wrote into me ( to give me grief for going 2-3 last weekend. To the people who doubt my wisdom, I can just say that this is a journey and not a short trip. Or as Proverbs 19:11 says, “A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.” So instead of asking how your picks did, we’ll just use our knowledge gleaned from last week’s games to make better picks.

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Layla Kiffin Saturday Forecast: Unseasonably Cool

Lane Kiffin’s wife Layla tailgating before last Saturday’s UCLA-Tennessee game:

Layla Kiffin Orange Dress Before UCLA Tennessee Game Sept 12 2009

(Good, ole Rocky Top! - Photo Source)

One more after the jump.

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Layla Kiffin Will, Of Course, Soon Rule The World

She produces children with no visible physical side effects, and as we see in the photo below, even controls the beasts of the forest. I, for one, am ready to welcome my new Layla Kiffin overlord. But the wife of Tennessee Volunteers football coach Lane Kiffin is crafty and wise — she’s not taking over the world all at once.

Layla Kiffin

She’s doing it in stages, and the latest is her appearance on Friday during Lane Kiffin’s Football Clinic For Women on the Knoxville campus. Layla will be a “featured speaker” at the event (I wonder if they’ll introduce her with a fog machine?), which is meant to introduce women to the intricacies of SEC football. Read more…