Lid Blown Off Pete Rose Girlfriend’s Nude Photos

Pete Rose’s long wait is finally over.

Pete Rose Girlfriend Playboy Kiana Kim Nude Photos

(3 Words: Abortive. Sports. Merchandise.)

You can stop dialing Bob Costas, Rose hasn’t been cleared for Cooperstown.

Pete Rose Girlfriend Playboy Kiana Kim Nude Photos

Remember Rose’s lovely Asian girlfriend Kiana Kim, who I was first to bring to your attention last year? The same girlfriend who when she first met Rose at a car dealership two years ago thought he played for the Redskins?

She’s nude.

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Pete Rose And Playboy Girlfriend On Howard Stern

If you read SbB, you know all about Pete Rose’s hot asian girlfriend Kiana Kim. Here’s some links to refresh your memory.

Pete Rose Girlfriend Playboy Kiana Kim Nude Photos

Kiana’s Playboy pictorial apparently is coming out next month, so Rose asked his way on the Howard Stern Show today to promote it.

As you would imagine, there’s way, WAAAAY too much information about their sex life during the interview. You’ll want to read this Stern fan site’s interview summary on an empty stomach.

Kiana Kim Pete Rose Girlfriend Video Photos Pictures Playboy

Most of the interview is garden-variety Stern, but Rose hits a new low with his extensive referencing of Joe Dimaggio’s not-so-little fellow. *shudder*

Again, if you’re about to tap into a 64 oz. of Muscle Milk, cap it big bruh …

Howard came back and said that Pete Rose was there with his hot girlfriend. He said that they apparently have sex multiple times a day. Howard said Pete is looking great. Howard asked how old he is. Pete said he’s 68 going on 15. Howard said hello to Pete’s girlfriend Kiana Kim too. Read more…

Stealth Videos Of Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Surface

Since I posted the first hot shots of Pete Rose’s nudie model girlfriend “Kiana Kim earlier today, I’ve dug up some more details on what she’s been doing lately - and some formerly stealth video footage of her.

Kiana Kim Pete Rose Girlfriend Video Photos Pictures Playboy

Recently she’s been appearing in exercise videos on KNBC-TV here in L.A. as “Kathy Kim.” She’s also recently made her acting debut in a commercial for a video game accessory company.

Add her upcoming Playboy nude pictorial and she’s well on her way to a prestigious show business career, meaning she can quit her two real jobs and escape her old, real name forever.

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Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Wants To “Host TV Show”

Ken Hoffman of the HOUSTON CHRONICLE recent posted a piece @ about Pete Rose’s astonishing acumen as manager of his 20-something Asian girlfriend Kiana Kim’s nude modeling career.

Pete Rose Girlfriend Playboy Kiana Kim Nude Photos

Then came reader reax.

Pete Rose Girlfriend Playboy Kiana Kim Nude Photos

An undaunted Hoffman responded to those missives by completely ignoring the criticisms and offering us even more essential information about the background of Rose’s soon-to-be-nude girlfriend.

The only thing that can come between Pete Rose and Kiana Kim is…

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Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Wears Translucence Well

Another shot of Kiana Kim from her appearance on the Hoffman and Nuno show @ KGOW-AM in Houston this week:

Kiana Kim Pete Rose Girlfriend Photos Pictures Playboy

It’s nice to see that Pete Rose is seeing through his promise to manage her nude modeling career. No truth to the rumor though that’s where Pete keeps a jar of his own urine, case he eyeballs Bud before Selig glimpses him.

Pete Rose ‘Girlfriend’ Has Name, Voice, No Clothes

Last we left 68-year-old Pete Rose and his early-20s, Asian companion, he was begging her to take her clothes off for all of us. I’m happy to report today that he’s succeeded, and given his special lady a name: Kiana Kim.

Kiana Kim Pete Rose Girlfriend Photos Pictures Playboy

(Pete? Where’s Pete?)

“Kiana Kim” appeared with Rose on Hoffman and Nuno on KGOW-AM in Houston, via, today to talk about her decision to enter the prestigious nude modeling industry, her relationship with Rose and her background.

Pete Rose Asian Girlfriend To Pose For Playboy

(Sorry, I was just checking out the … helmets)

Turns out she met Rose at a car dealership, introduced through a mutual friend. She didn’t have any idea who he was, but once her family told her, she asked him to make an appearance at the hair salon she owns in Los Angeles.

Twitterazzi notes Pete Rose Hair Disaster

An unfortunate lapse of judgement.

What do you think of first when you see Pete Rose with Kiana Kim?

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