Photo: Kenyon Martin Covers Lips Tattoo On Neck

In the summer of 2008 Kenyon Martin had a now-notorious tattoo image of red lips inked on his neck as a tribute to his girlfriend at the time, a rapper named Trina.

Kenyon Martin covers lips tattoo

(Makeup kiss = 10,000 milligrams of Lidocaine)

Monday a South Florida-based media source sent me a photo of Martin in Miami last Saturday at Lux Nightclub. The source, who also saw Martin in person, said he’d covered the lips tattoo and was accompanied that night by a woman who was not his girlfriend.

Kenyon Martin covers lips tattoo

(Martin with rapper Trina last year)

Martin said of the tattoo in December 2008: “It’s just something that I wanted to get a while ago, but I’m not just gonna get it for anyone .. (someone) who is special to me, who means something to me.

A hip hop music industry source told me this morning that despite Trina recently claiming the contrary, the couple is currently broken up - which explains why Martin covered the tattoo. Read more…