Do The Kansas City Royals Want Barry Bonds?

Whether you love or hate KANSAS CITY STAR columnist Jason Whitlock, you’ve got to admit that the man knows how to get people talking. Fans seem to disagree whether he loves or hate their teams, and while he frequently writes about race, he often addresses the issue from unexpected angles. The one thing everyone can agree on is that his love for Jeff George is out of control. But I digress.

Barry Bonds and his big game
(The only game Barry’s got left?)

In today’s STAR, the man who introduced America to the concept of the “Black KKK” is at it again with a column pleading for the Kansas City Royals to add infamous slugger Barry Bonds to their lineup. Amongst some typically Whitlockian hyperbole comparing the plight of Bonds to that of Muhammad Ali are some pretty interesting quotes on the matter from various members of the Royals themselves.

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