ESPN’s Tim Brown Endorses Online Sports Betting

Last month ESPN announced its 2010 college football commentating team. In that lineup was former Notre Dame and NFL star Tim Brown.

Tim Brown Endorses Illegal Online Gambling Service

According to the ESPN release, this season Brown will serve as analyst on ESPN’s 3D college football broadcasts. Brown can also be seen as a college football analyst on another outlet for which he also appears as a celebrity endorser.

Tim Brown giving sports betting picks

Brown appears in numerous videos on a website that offers sports wagering, including college football, while also showing up in promotional materials for the website in online ads and this current direct mail ad campaign for the 2010 football season:

Tim Brown Endorses Illegal Online Gambling Service

His image is also found on the “join” page of the gambling website.

Online sports wagering is illegal in the United States.

Brown’s association with ESPN despite his connection to an illegal sports wagering website is ironic considering ESPN’s actions regarding an endorsement deal of another college football commentator on its roster. Read more…

Why ESPN Spiked Jenn Brown’s Beer “Promotion”

Last Friday MillerCoors sent out a press release touting ESPN college football reporter Jenn Brown as its new celebrity spokesperson for the company’s Icehouse-brand beer. But today a spokesman for MillerCoors told the MILWAUKEE BUSINESS JOURNAL that ESPN had canceled the deal.

Jenn Brown Icehouse Deal Spiked By Network

(ESPN Execs don’t always drink beer, but when they do, it isn’t Icehouse)


“We have learned from sources at ESPN that the agreement is not moving forward as planned,” said Julian Green, spokesman for Chicago-based MillerCoors, which operates a major brewery and has administrative offices on Milwaukee’s west side.

MillerCoors hasn’t received official word from Brown or her agent pertaining to the status of the deal, which ESPN initially approved, Green said.

ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz has since confirmed that the, “the Jenn Brown Icehouse promotion is no longer.”

Though ESPN has acknowledged killing the deal, the network offered no details today on why the decision was made.

But from talking to numerous sources today, I know the reason. Read more…

Chesney Is Single, Brown Hasn’t Met Ex-Girlfriend

This week Star Magazine featured photos of ESPN college football sideline reporter Jenn Brown and Kenny Chesney together on a beach in Cancun.

Jenn Brown and Kenny Chesney photos

In a companion piece with the photos, Star’s headline screamed: “Kenny Chesney, Caught Cheating!

With his longtime girlfriend (pageant queen Amy Colley) at home in Tennessee, Kenny Chesney jets off on a hot Mexican getaway with ESPN sportscaster Jenn Brown!

Later in the Star piece, we get this:

An eyewitness said, “They (Chesney and Brown) definitely looked like lovers, like they didn’t have a care in the world.”

The same couldn’t be said of Kenny’s girlfriend, Amy. “She was livid when she found out about the trip!” an insider reveals.

“She feels totally humiliated because she knows Jenn. The three even hung out together before! Amy feels that Jenn has been chasing after Kenny even though she knew he was in a relationship.”

Such a sad story. If only it were true.

Jenn Brown and Kenny Chesney photos

Read more…

Swimsuit Issue Comes Early For Ohio. Univ Baller

While the rest of us wait, apparently Ohio University basketball player D.J. Cooper’s swimsuit issue came early this year:

Ohio Univ. basketball player D.J. Cooper wearing a swimsuit

Thanks for that.

Jenn Brown asked to be in SI Swimsuit Issue

Somehow I had someone different in mind.

You Have Something In Common With Jenn Brown

You both read SbB:

ESPN's Jenn Brown Talks About SPORTSbyBROOKS

(As UGA alum, one time I’ll let it slide)

So you’re saying there’s a chance?
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ESPN Reporter Jenn Brown’s Bikini Pics: Bangin’

UPDATE: I’ve been informed via email that the bikini photos in this post about ESPN reporter Jenn Brown were actually published on a website for STARE MAGAZINE.

You can see all of the photos I previously posted here plus many, many more of the ESPN reporter by going to this link for STARE MAGAZINE.

The shots are beautifully done by the highly-professional folks at STARE MAGAZINE.

Somebody at ESPN obviously likes TV reporter Jenn Brown a lot. In the past few months, she’s gone from anonymity to being regularly assigned plum, on location college football and basketball interview ops.

Most of her pieces are myth-building fill, but I do detect some talent beneath the quasi-cheerleader stuff Bristol has her doing.

Jenn Brown’s new look …

View Results

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