ESPNer Turned Down Gillispie’s Amorous Advance

ESPN college basketball reporter Jeannine Edwards and Kentucky Wildcats basketball coach Billy Gillispie have been seeing quite a bit of each other in public of late.

Jeannine Edwards Spurned Billy Gillispie's Amorous Advances

Edwards has twice interviewed Gillispie during UK games this season and both times the coach responded with rude retorts, implying that Edwards was asking dumb questions while calling her credibility into question. Below are both exchanges.

Gillispie v. Edwards Part One:

Gillispie v. Edwards Part Deux:

Edwards’ queries in both instances didn’t seem all that ill-informed to me at the time, so it was a little curious to see Gillispie snap back at her in that fashion, especially on national television.

That is, until I heard more about Gillispie’s private dealings with Edwards. Read more…