District Attorney Office Addresses Nu’Keese Video

Austin Ward of the KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL reports today on the legal status of former Tennessee football player Nu’Keese Richardson, who SbB reported last Friday posted of video of himself and two friends on the web and linked it to his Twitter account.

Nu'Keese Richardson At Wal-Mart

The clip, posted on Twitter and first reported by the website SportsByBrooks.com on Friday, shows North Carolina State defensive back Jarvis Byrd and Richardson’s friend Kaalum Williams in a Florida Wal-Mart joking about stealing T-shirts and using a stream of vulgarities and derogatory language.

Richardson is the cameraman and posted the video himself, but he has since denied that anything was stolen and no charges have been filed - which is important since that would likely be a violation of his probation for his part in the attempted armed robbery that led to his dismissal at UT last fall.

Ward also has reaction from special counsel for the Knox County District Attorney’s Office John Gill on the video.

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Nu’Keese, Byrd Issue Denials; NC State Responds

Friday I posted two online videos that featured former Tennessee wide receiver Nu’Keese Richardson and current N.C. State defensive back Jarvis Byrd during a late night trip to Wal-Mart.

Nu'Keese Richardson At Wal-Mart

The videos, uploaded by Richardson himself and linked via his personal Twitter account, showed Byrd and friend Kaalum Williams opening t-shirt packages inside the Wal-Mart and putting on those t-shirts under the shirts the two wore into the store.

Jarvis Byrd at Wal-Mart

19-year-old Richardson, who was kicked off the Tennessee football team after being convicted of attempted armed robbery last November, was prominently featured in the videos but was not seen on camera taking any shirts. Though Richardson made clear with his comments that he knew what Williams and Byrd were doing.

To see the video and read the transcript of the trio’s comments, go here.

Nu'Keese Richardson At Wal-Mart

Since my Friday post, both Richardson and Byrd have reacted to the discovery of the videos, along with an N.C. State spokesman. We also now know the Wal-Mart where the three filmed the incident. Read more…

Nu’Keese And Jarvis Byrd Enjoy Priceless Moment

You may remember former Tennessee Volunteer football player Nu’Keese Richardson. The freshman wide receiver was kicked off the team after police arrested him last November for attempted armed robbery.

Nu'Keese Richardson At Wal-Mart

Though he was given a three-year prison sentence for his crime, if he violates his court-ordered probation he will likely go to prison. No longer a student at Tennessee, Richardson has since transferred to I-AA Hampton (VA) University to try to reclaim his once-promising football career.

Jarvis Byrd at Wal-Mart

(Jarvis Byrd)

Richardson played high school ball with current N.C. State defensive back Jarvis Byrd, who was generally regarded as the Wolfpack’s top high school recruit in 2009. It turns out the two are still friends, if video linked today from Richardson’s personal Twitter account is any indication.

Nu'Keese Richardson At Wal-Mart

(Nu’Keese Richardson)

Richardson, Byrd and former Pahokee high school classmate Kaalum Williams are all shown on that video making an apparent late-night visit to Wal-Mart. There’s no indication when the video was originally shot.

Kaalum Williams at Wal-Mart

(Kaalum Williams)

I’ve transcribed a portion of their comments while they shopped for t-shirts. The video audio is extremely not safe for work and is riddled with homosexual slurs by Richardson, so be warned. Read more…