Claim: Tiger Dumped Because He Wouldn’t Pay Up

Alleged Tiger Woods mistress Jamie Jungers appeared on the Today show this morning and said Woods made no effort to hide their relationship in public and that she stopped the relationship after he refused her request for money.

Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress Jamie Jungers

(Jungers: Denies prostitution but says she asked Woods for money)

“To be honest, I’m not sure [how the relationship stayed a secret]. We went places together, people were taking our pictures in night clubs. When I went to see him at the MGM mansion, I checked in with my name and he came down to get me.

Unwitting Contradiction #1: When Jungers was asked by host Meredith Viera if Woods made any attempt to hide their relationship, she said, “no“. Though Jungers did later say that Woods told her to record his number on her cellphone under a different name in case she ever lost her phone.

Unwitting Contradiction #2: Jungers also denied reports that she was a prostitute hired by a New York madame to have sex with the golfer: “I’ve never been an escort and I never will be an escort.

But Jungers said later in the interview that she once asked Woods for money.

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Jungers On The Record: ‘Sex Was Amazing, Crazy’

A member of the Tiger Woods (alleged) mistress parade, Jamie Jungers (photos), went on the record to the LONDON SUN today, declaring, “He deserves everything he gets.

Jamie Jungers Pics Tiger Woods Mistress Thumb

She claimed he wanted sex on demand and loved having dirty phone chats - while insisting everything was well with his marriage. The billionaire golfer flew blonde Jamie all over America during golf tournaments to satisfy his lust.

Junger alleges her 18-month relationship with golfer started in 2005 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas when she met Woods and the golfer’s childhood friend Bryon Bell. Shortly thereafter she said,  “Tiger and I went back to the room and just started making out.

“It just went from one thing to the next. We ended up having crazy sex for two hours. I remember him picking me up and putting me against the wall. And that’s when it turned into wild sex. It was really good.”

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Alleged 4th Tiger Woods’ Affair Details Published

Sunday’s edition of the LONDON DAILY MIRROR has an account of an alleged affair between Tiger Woods and Jamie Jungers (photos). The Mirror’s Graeme Culliford and Annette Witheridge report:

Jamie Jungers Pics Tiger Woods Mistress Thumb

The predatory golfer had been ­married just nine months when he seduced 26-year-old model Jamie, above, at a Las Vegas party. Over the next 18 months they met for sex in his California pad surrounded by wedding ­pictures of shameless Woods and his new bride.

The revelation comes as sources in Vegas, where Woods lived a parallel life of sex and sleaze in complete contrast to his Mr Clean public image, said the golfer was a sex addict who relentlessly pursued women.

The apparent main source for the story is 28-year-old “businessman” Derek Schmidt, who claims he was engaged to Jungers at the time that Woods met his ex-fiancee and later pursued a sexual relationship with her.

Details of alleged affair between Tiger Woods and Jamie Junger released

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Pics: Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress Jamie Jungers

Here’s more photos of the latest alleged Tiger Woods mistress, Jamie Jungers:

Jamie Jungers Pics Tiger Woods Mistress Thumb

This afternoon the LONDON SUN is reporting that there could be as many as five more women publicly claiming affairs with Woods, including a British television personality.

Jamie Jungers Pics Tiger Woods Mistress Thumb

A golf insider said as the married superstar’s tally of affairs hit EIGHT: “He would hook up with her when he went to the UK. She’s really sexy and very well-known. A very famous golfer - a good friend of mine - told me about it years ago. His fling with a British TV presenter was the talk of the PGA.” 

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