6-Yr NFL Cheerleader Makes Nude Playboy Debut

Jaime Edmondson spent six years as a Dolphins cheerleader. She also appeared on the CBS reality show Amazing Race and is a former police officer. So how did she follow all that up? By sending nude photos of herself to Playboy, dummy. And now, at age 30, I’m honored to report Edmondson is Playboy’s Miss January centerfold.

Jaime Edmonson Playboy Nude Photo Debut

(Edmonson: Hef & Playboy “a real family atmosphere”)

The PALM BEACH POST has entensive look at her background today, which includes an anecdote about her police career that was the highlight of the piece.

Palm Beach Post: What is one of the craziest stories while working the night shift as a police officer?

Julie Edmondson

Jaime: It was 3 a.m. and I saw this truck driving 5 mph. Obviously, he was probably drunk. I pulled him over and it was one guy, who was looking around. I asked for license and registration, and he’s looking at me, looking around, looking over his should. I’m like, “I need your license and registration.”

He said, “Is this for my birthday?”

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