Michael Irvin Wore Hall of Fame Blazer During Sex

Fred Mitchell and David Kaplan of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE with a delightful anecdote from Michael Irvin this week:

Michael Irvin had sex in his Hall of Fame blazer

NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin on Wednesday chuckled as he told us about the tradition of championship players spending time with the Stanley Cup: “I remember when I was inducted into the Hall of Fame and they gave me my Hall of Fame yellow blazer.

I wore it for two straight days. Finally my wife was in bed and said she wanted to make love but that I had to take the coat off. I refused and kept the blazer on because I wanted to perform like a Hall of Famer on the field and off.”

Now think it’s a coincidence that it was Irvin who came up with the idea to bring NFL rookies to Canton every year?

And who knew Irvin and Ron Artest had so much in common? Artest after the Lakers won the NBA title two months ago: Read more…