The Skinny: Erin Andrews Looking A Bit Too Thin

Erin Andrews seems to look a bit emaciated at the MLB All-Star Game:

Erin Andrews Looking Scary Thin On ESPN

Somebody get that gal a huge plate of St. Louis BBQ ribs, pronto!

• Pics of the bloody strap & knife that Amanda Rodrigues allegedly used to kill her ex-boxer husband Arturo Gatti.

• If the United Football League will be remembered for anything, it could be for the wireless QB wristband known as the ID Coach.

• Delaware to allow betting on NFL games. Wilmington, here we come!

Albert Pujols says he’s so not doing steroids that he dares you to help yourself to his bathwater.

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New Device to Limit Jake Delhomme Interceptions?

The next step toward the inevitable future of football — robot players — has been taken by the new United Football League. A Miami-based technology company has invented The ID Coach, an electronic wristband device that quarterbacks will wear in which plays, and possibly their favorite TV shows, can be transmitted to them during games.

Somehow the makers of the device have convinced the UFL, which begins its inaugural season in October, to use it, but the NFL is going to be a harder sell. Donovan McNabb here seems to really dig it, however (“Will it tell me when overtime begins?”). Read more…