Finger-Wagging Watson Has His Own Skeletons

I grew up in Kansas City idolizing Tom Watson who, along with George Brett, is the biggest name in K.C. sports history. But even I couldn’t force down Watson recently letting the “cat out of the bag” about Tiger Woods.

Hilary Watson Photo Wife Of Tom Watson

(Watson: Divorce then marriage 20 mos. later to ex-wife of PGA player)

Watson twice now has urged Woods to go public about his marital indiscretions while also slamming Woods for his on-course behavior.

Apparently Watson has a very, very short memory about his own personal life.

In December, 1997, Linda Watson, Tom’s wife of 25 years, left him.

In August, 1999, Golf Digest reported:

(Longtime Watson friend since childhood) David Wysong saw the Watsons’ marriage in trouble. “Linda gave Tom all her support, because she’s a generous, giving person. But you have to grow together or you grow apart. I guess they grew apart, and I blame the profession.” (Linda Watson said she had no comment for this story.)

20 months after Tom Watson’s divorce he married a woman named Hilary Watson. Conveniently, Hilary didn’t need to change her name as she’d just left her husband, noted PGA Tour player Denis Watson.

Hilary Watson Photo Wife Of Tom Watson

Golf Digest reported that in the aftermath of Watson’s divorce, his teenage children had cut him off, “the divorce has put the children all but out of his reach.

So Watson’s wife of 25 years, who had been with him since high school, files for divorce. His kids cut him off. Less than two years later, Watson is married to a woman who had just left another PGA Tour player.

So how did Watson handle that suspicious series of events in public? Exactly like Woods. He didn’t handle it at all.

In a 1998 profile of Watson, Michael Bamberger of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED noted that Watson refused to talk about his divorce. Read more…